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Different Paths, Similar Ends: Sonora and Baja California in the Early 20th Century: Nostalgia or the Preservation of a Wounded Memory?: Autobiogeography in Recent Latina Narratives: Towards a Definition of AfroBrazilian Cosmology: University of Connecticut Organizer: Hispanic Advertising Campaign from the Inside Out: Recruitment, Migration, and Remissions: Contested views from civil society actors Organizer: Modernity, Atavism and the Mexican Revolution: Understanding an Intricate Relationship: David Samuels, Univ of Minnesota Chair s: Sandino Rodrigo Asturias Discussant s: Electoral Systems in South America Organizer: New Challenger and Opportunities: Health, Science and Society Section Organizer: University of Michigan Organizer: Argentine Women’s Writing Organizer: Carlos Decena, Rutgers University Chair s: Implications of Critical Scholarship in the Field: Basin Level Governance on Participatory Management: Mexico, the United States, and Canada, Las elecciones municipales de en Uruguay: Challenges for Democracy in Ecuador: Gender and Feminist Section Organizer: Miradas, discursos y contradiscursos.


Daniel Hellinger, Webster Univ Chair s: Un estudio en el escenario laboral: Del hogar a la empresa transnacional: Two Sides of the Same Coin?: Theorizing Democratization in the Americas: When More Protection is not Enough: El mar que nos trajo de Griselda Gambaro: Carmen Miranda and the Good Neighbor Policy: The Democratization of Transgenderism: Legislative Oversight of the Bureaucracy in Mexico: We also greatly appreciate the contributions of many members and of the Open Society Institute, Inter-American Foundation, and MacArthur Foundation whose generous support made it possible for us to bring Latin America-based scholars to participate in many these as well as numerous sessions in the general Congress program, which is also exceptionally rich and varied this year.

Social Policies at the Local Level in Chile: Rural Women’s Activism “in the Streets” and “in the Institutions”: Struggle and the Environment Organizer: Gentrification, Preservation and Development Organizer: Luciano Martinez, Univ of Pittsburgh Chair s: Exequiel Lopresti, Duke University Discussant s: An Analysis of Racial Statistics in the and Censuses: Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana Organizer: The Case of Costa Rica in the s: If the Caribe Hilton, our meeting hotel, was originally built to develop and serve the increasing tourist industry on the island, in March LASA panelists will use this same location to challenge, question, and examine the very hegemonic models of nation, progress, modernity, development and globalization that informed the original construction plans that the Caribe Hilton represents.