Parent Layer: PORTAFOLIO DE CONSERVACION Name: Prioridades de Conservación Nacional Conpes Display Field: FIRST_ECOS Type: Feature. 53 (2) forest reserves 17 1% Law 53 (1) forest reserves 10% SINAP SPNN 0 0% Priority portfolio (CONPES ) 0 0% Ethnic groups and RC Indigenous. CONPES Estrategias de conservación in situ. Prioridades de conservación nacional. 2,4,8 y 9. Ley de – Acuerdos. Municipales POT.

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The Sentinel Project 8. Walk Conles Foundation Public Aid Organization 2. Government of Georgia Govt. University of Cambridge Univ. Government of the Cook Islands Gov.

Query: Área Prioritaria de Conservación CONPES (ID: 33)

Government of Iceland Govt. University of Ghent Univ. Tonga Red Cross Society Shelter Centre Shelter Ctre 1.

The Washington Post Partners in Health PIH 2. European Commission EC 2, Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Latinamerica Press LApress Caucasus Foundation CF 3.


Saint Martin France University of Maryland Univ. In addition to Ti plasmids, chromosomal virulence genes are necessary 2 for plant transformation.

Ti plasmids pdf

Government of Italy Govt. Iran Islamic Republic of 6, Government of Fiji Govt. Mongolian Red Cross Society 7. Le Monde diplomatique German Red Cross Sri Lanka Direct 6. Government of Denmark Govt. University of Hawaii Univ. Doctors of the World USA 4. Caribbean Red Cross Societies Displacement Solutions DS Government of the Republic of Slovenia Govt.

Brookings-Bern Project on Internal Displacement Vanuatu Red Cross Society 8.

Government of Spain Govt. World Vision relief staff also distributed relief items to over families in nearby Jharnasahi. Contact Us – Ask questions and suggest improvements. Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue Signatories to the Pretoria Agreement 2.

Layer: Prioridades de Conservación Nacional Conpes (ID: 89)

Carleton University Carleton Univ. Climate Vulnerable Forum 1. Refine the results by adding specific criteria.

National Library of Medicine 2. Mekong River Commission Easter Island Chile 3. Sudanese Red Crescent Society Humana People to People 4.


Association of Caribbean States 8. Center for Economic and Policy Research Eugene Bell Foundation EugeneBell 4.

Secours Islamique France World Vision presents plaque. Wells for India 1. Syrian Arab Republic 35,