Le Transport Maritime Sous Connaissement. By MICHEL POURCELET,. Professor of Law at the University of Montreal. [Montreal: Les. Presses de L’ Universite. (X). Commodities requiring special or additional care or attention in handling or stowing must be so marked and packaged as to ensure safe transportation with. Connaissement transport maritime pdf merge. Western mediterranean ecoregion wme maritime transport definition maritime transport relates to the carriage of.

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That was decided in the case of Bowes v. Because there has never been any uniform interpretation of this provision. Now all our credits to-day, except in particular trades, have been opened upon the basis of certain documents. A possible net cost increase must again, by necessity, be limited to a part of this part.

In any case it seems likely that any such increase must be very modest.

Le transport de marchandises par mer p. Buy Print version leslibraires. Company history language work the history of the nissan motor company three small motor companies merge to from after world wars ii.

My own impression, after listening to the discussion, is that diligence and vigilance will be best secured, under present conditions, by fixing the amount connaissemeny per package.

We considered that on jurisdiction grounds this was too wide. Your e-mail has be sent. Available on the Internet: The clause is drafted in this way, because you may get in a bill of lading a variety of descriptions of goods in a container. Maritime transport, therefore, involves transport of passengers andor goods by sea, which is often called shipping trade seaborne, which can be passenger and cargo shipping. That is to say a Contracting State shall be at liberty to extend the scope of the Convention.

But it seems to us that if we were really to observe a scrupulous regard for the jurisdiction of other countries, we would not enter into international conventions at all. So this is a perfectly simple way of seeing from the hill of lading what the maximum liability of the shipper is for the goods.

The unit limitation rule has been interpreted differently in the different contracting States, not only by the judiciaries of those States but even by the legislators. I think that most of the Delegations here have stated in their reports that this is not a problem since there is no doubt that the bill of lading has the value of conclusive evidence as regards third parlies and on this assumption it has been pointed out that there is no reason to change the present wording, but unfortunately in some countries this problem has arisen and there have been many decisions stating that according to the Hague Rules the value of the bill of lading as evidence is just the value of prima facie evidence so that the carrier is allowed also vis a vis a bonafide holder of the bill of lading to prove against the wording of the bill of lading.


Article 5 — Each Contracting State shall apply the provisions of this Convention to every bill of lading relating to: It is not even a good one that is, it is not universal. I do not know what happened in that particular case, but it is quite obvious that in that case it might have been that the documents were thrown back on the hands of the bankers because they had not carried out, in accepting this document, the terms upon which they were authorised to grant the credit.

I propose to read the clause, as to the disputed part of it, in the for Results per book Results per chapter. He has opened a credit which calls for the usual shipping documents, or some similar phrase, or calls perhaps in detail for bills of lading, invoices and insurance policies.

When this was drafted, Connaissemeht think all of the interests clearly agreed that the obligation, and the only obligation, they wanted to put on ttansport shipowner was that the ship shall be seaworthy when she starts loading, that she shall be seaworthy when she starts on the voyage. You look at the hill of lading and you see that there is the figure 4 relating to the connaissmeent of typewriters. According to it, the Convention covers any other carriage if the contract contained in or evidenced by the bill of lading provides that the Rules of the Convention or legislation of any State giving effect to them are to govern the contract.

Theoretically speaking, cargo shipping is a very broad term assuming various modes of. This means concerning international carriage by sea, that uniform law should apply as well if the port of connaissekent is situated in a contracting State as if the transpogt of discharge is situated in a contracting State.

I am afraid they are not here. We believe that the time has come when maritime transport should join the other industries. The answer is provided by paragraph iv. I think a bill of lading is a bill of lading. It is a rough and ready way. The actual text of the Convention in Article 10 saying that the Convention shall apply to all bills of lading issued in any of the contracting States was considered unsatisfactory.


Chapitre I. Le transport de marchandises par mer

Sur la conception du contrat de transport en common law, cf. The bankers, like everybody else, have to fall into the line which commerce of its own motion adopts.

The whole agitation for restrictive legislation of this kind arises quite naturally out of the modern conditions of liner carriage, where you have the lines established regularly running from one port to another, carrying all kinds and conditions of cargo, where there is no preliminary agreement between the particular shipowner and the particular shipper as to the conditions applicable to the particular cargo.

An American study indicates that a little more than half goes to payment of compensation, one terd to cover cost of administration, and the rest in profit.

Mais quels sont ces autres documents? I have not heard any representatives of the States speak. Catalogue Author s Publishers Selections Excerpts.

Le Transport maritime sous connaissement à l’heure du marché commun in SearchWorks catalog

This involves an assertion on the part of Contracting States of the right to dictate the terms upon which persons who are not their nationals may enter into contracts in a non-Contracting State for the carriage of goods from such State in ships which are under the flag of a non-Contracting State notwithstanding that the terms so dictated are contrary to the law of the non-Contracting State in which the contract is made.

Search inside the book. Kay Pineus, process verbal p. In regard to tramp ships the position is utterly different. And it has this advantage and this is essential in anything we are trying to do for commerce – that it leaves it to the shipper and the carrier to make their own bargain as to whether they want the higher maximum on the internal package basis and the higher freight, or the lower freight on the basis of the container and its contents being the package.