The Defensor MK5 has now been replaced in the Condair range by the new Condair RS steam humidifier. Condair MK5 Resistive Steam Humidifier, This electric steam humidifier delivers accurate humidity control without the expense of replaceable boiling cylinders. CONDAIR MK5. Resistive steam humidifier. With patented scale management system. Humidification & Evaporative Cooling.

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Condair MK5 resistive steam humidifier

Open the catalog to page 2. A major advantage of this is that the units work perfectly condairr both drinking water and demineralised water.

Continuous control of steam capacity is achieved ocndair the entire range from Related Searches Desiccant dryer Water purification machine Metal manifold Vaporizer humidifier Compressed air humidifier Electrode humidifier Industrial evaporative humidifier Mobile humidifier Breathing air humidifier Dry air dryer Spray humidifier Air blast dryer Rotary humidifier Continuous dryer Compact humidifier Refrigerant dehumidifier Stainless steel manifold Mobile dehumidifier Distribution manifold Air dehumidifier.


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Defensor MK5 steam humidifier

The Defensor Mk5 convinces users, planners and installers in all world and belongs since many years to the leading steam humidifiers. Open the catalog to page 3.

Stainless steel boiling cylinder eliminates the expense of plastic cylinders. Open the catalog to page 5.

The system can be controlled via its intuitive interface or connected to a BMS. Condair Group AG Group: Mk5 steam humidifiers can be controlled at the push of a button via an ergonomie membrane keyboard. Operates on mains, softened or demineralised water.

Scale that forms on the heating elements detaches during operation and falls into the removable scale collector tank at the bottom of the humidifier. The ml5, unique scale management guarantees long durability and short maintenance times.

The innovative control of Mk5 steam humidifiers ensures an exact steam output over the entire capacity range. Subscribe to our mailing list. Completely hygienic steam A major advantage for planners and users: The Online Industrial Exhibition. The choice is yours Open the catalog to page 4. This electric steam humidifier delivers accurate humidity control without the expense of replaceable boiling cylinders and simplifies maintenance with its patented scale management system.


It can be removed from this position and emptied without opening Patented scale management ensures a high degree of reliability where drinking water is used and enables simple and speedy unit maintenance. An innovative pumped drain located above the scale collector tank prevents conrair scale deposits being flushed to drain, avoiding blockages of the drain or drainage pipework.

Defensor Mk5 – Condair Group AG – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Patented scale management system reduces routine maintenance. Scale falls into collector bucket and is easily removed in minutes.

Scale is dislodged from heating elements during normal operation. Reliable electric steam humidification with close humidity control. Leave this field blank.