During compression moulding of sheet moulding compound (SMC), voids are formed .. “Design for Success – A Design & Technology Manual for SMC/BMC”. Premix manufactures Sheet Molding Compounds (SMC) that are primarily used in compression molding. Premix offers SMC’s that are suitable for molding a. Most compression molding presses require that both the loading of SMC into the metals and even other polyesters such as bulk molding compound (BMC).

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Research and Test Lab. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In preparation of compression molding baby nipples and golf ball centers the preforms were extruded. Their customer service is exceptional and bkc deliver the top quality parts we need to make our product the best in the industry. Further details are explained in Ref 3. The process employs thermosetting resins in a partially cured stage, either in the form of granules, putty -like masses, or preforms.

Trimming and finishing costs are minimal.

All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Articles with unsourced statements from August Either way — our dedicated SMC laboratory is ready to support you. Manufacturers can save money on all aspects of the production process, from minimal labor costs to reduced waste.

The top film is introduced and the sandwich is rolled into a pre-determined thickness. The design of injection transfer and improved molds were more so plastic injection molding except the platens and molds of injection transfer are heated.

The material is available in a broad selection of colors, and can tolerate powder-coat or water-based compreession. Three types of mouldinf used are the flash plunger-type, straight plunger-type, and the “landed” plunger-type molds. During the cycle the operator would load msc jig with slugs. Pre-heated SMC is placed into the lower half of the mold. Each operator ran an average of 4 presses. The flash type mold must have an accurate charge of plastic and produces a horizontal flash excess material moklding from the mold.


The straight plunger-type mold allows for some inaccuracy in the charge of plastic and produces a vertical flash. This composite is certified as a low smoke toxicity material with a UL94 V-0 flame rating. Design Engineer, Bus Manufacturer.

The mold is then cooled and the part removed. Co,pression sheet is allowed to mature for 48 hours. These thermosets can be in either preform or granule shapes. This design guide outlines various selection criteria with helpful technical data and comparisons to alternative materials.

Sheet Molding Compound | Compression Molding Process – Romeo RIM

The rubber was injected into an upper heated platen station, and then pressure was applied to transfer molten rubber to mouldiing clamped mold. Materials are heated above their melting points, formed and cooled.

Construction Applications — Composites. The mould is closed with a top force or plug member, pressure is applied to force the material into contact with all mould areas, while heat and pressure are maintained until the moulding material has cured.

SMC – Sheet Molding Compound

As a side note, remember not to allow any undercuts on the shape, it will make ejection especially difficult. The heat sheets removed from the mold were then transported to a die station. Also, it is one of the lowest cost molding methods compared with other methods such as transfer molding and injection molding ; moreover it wastes relatively little material, giving it an advantage when working with expensive compounds.

The upper plate is then lowered, applying up to psi of bmd to the mold. This process produces high strength, complex parts in a wide variety of sizes. Compression-molding is also suitable for ultra-large basic shape production in sizes beyond the capacity of extrusion techniques.


Bulk Molding Compounds BMC is a combination of short chopped glass strands, mineral fillers and liquid thermosetting resin in the form of a bulk material. Thermoset Sheet Molding Compound SMC is a mixture of polymer resin, inert fillers, fiber reinforcement, catalysts, pigments and stabilizers, release agents, and thickeners ane possesses strong dielectric properties.

In addition to fabrication, MFG develops and manufacturers SMC material, offering more than proprietary material formulations. Newsletter Sign up for our monthly newsletter!

As with labor costs, the volume of waste or scrap material produced is practically zero. Contact us here at Romeo RIM today to get the process started. It’s physical characteristics have been certified to meet several US Municipal Transit Authority specifications.

No problem — LFI can even mimic fine textures such as stone and wood grain. Loading an unload was done during the cycle. Need a glossy or textured finish?

Its excellent flow characteristics, dielectric properties, and flame resistance make this thermoset material well-suited to a wide variety of applications requiring precision in detail and dimensions as well as high performance. Compression molding is a high-volume, high-pressure method suitable for molding complex, high-strength fiberglass reinforcements.

The first sheet was placed- one below a core and one sheet of equal size above the core, and then the top of the mold lowered by hand or by hoist to near shut. It is sturdy and durable, capable of resisting impact even at high speeds.

Premix offers SMC’s that are suitable for molding a wide range of parts from very small to very large, from flat panel to very complex shapes. The pliable sheet allows enough body for handling and cutting but enough rigidity for manual charge building or automation.