“If you already have comics in a digital format, Comic Zeal is simply the best way to read them on your iPad.” Comic Zeal is currently the best. Quick Look: Comic Zeal 8 for iPad | iPad Insight

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Dear Customers, this time we have something that we’re really excited about Assisted PanningPDF support and a few little changes. We are really excited to show you what we’ve been working on. Not the first time you start up this new version though, it will be a tiny bit slow as the new thumbnails are generated. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I’m trying something a little different with Comic Zeal now. Tagging is also available on the iPhone now.

Use the amazing slider to move, copy and delete groups of comics. They are similar to dividers, but when you expand them they contain nothing but unread comics.

Quick Look: Comic Zeal 8 for iPad

There was a bug with the previous version where in iOS 5, if the password screen was shown while the device iPad was in landscape mode, then the main view would be corrupted and the app had to be re-started. Comic Zeal will lock that zoom and position when you turn the page, it’s a commiczeal way to hide borders.

It will also mean that I can make big changes one small step at a time, slowly adding comiczea that may not be complete and getting your impressions on where I’m heading. Comic Zeal for iPad: The login prompt is there to protect you and it comes from iOS, not Comic Zeal.


Maybe this app is on its way out? Sep 12, Version 9. You can limit their scope to just the current series or divider. New interface, new way to organize comics.

‚ÄéComic Zeal Comic Book Reader on the App Store

The reading view controls have gone into a toolbar. Added ability to lock comic series. The new iOS from Apple throws away the concept of making user interface elements look like real-world items. I will say the iPhone 6 screen is fine for reading comics on It is very iapd to import comics onto the app with a few options so you can figure what’s best for you.

Please note that page locking and iTunes file sharing are only available on devices with iOS 3. If there is something you don’t like, please don’t leave a bad review, we can’t answer them!

Comic Zeal not importing comics CBR self. The slider of course, stays, it’s the best option for organising large collections of anything on iOS. Comifzeal the stuff from the retina version included below plus a fix for a bug with importing comics from other apps like DropBox and FileViewer.

Comic Zeal Reviews 5. The collection view loses it’s wooden background.

Ok, so after all that what has actually changed? It’s faster then all the other apps I’ve used in the past and the interface of the app itself is elegant and intuitive. A big change is that to open a comic you have to tap on the thumbnail. To do that it asks the iPad to fetch a file that contains the version number of the first CZ you bought, most of the time the iPad then asks you to log in to your iTunes account to make sure CZ is not trying to do anything funny.


As it’s hot on the heels of the previous version I’ll include the release notes for that one below. You can follow Ipwd Zeal progress by subscribing to our twitter feed, bitolithic. I’ve added support for more formats of both comics and image files.

Comic Zeal 9 has them both.

Comic Zeal Alternatives & Reviews

Option is called ‘Taps for menu’. These should all be fixed now. Hi all, lots of bug fixes in this version and one little but often requested feature: Which meant you didn’t get to see the ending Here is what’s fixed in this update: We’ve kept all the old functionality, but we’ve made it easier to access.

Yeah, it’s the best of the bunch as far as I can tell, at least for managing and reading your own comics as opposed to some subscription type service. Hope you all enjoy. Hi all, welcome to Comic Zeal 8! But if you are reading a comic with more than 50 pages there is an optimization that, a second or two after you open the comic, causes the reading view to re-layout the pages.

Comic Finders are available as an In-App Purchase.

Also added auto sorting and the ability to put comics in the home page.