The Sikadur®– Combiflex® SG System is a high performance joint sealing system for construction, expansion and connection joints as well as for cracks. Sika® ‘White Tank’ System and refurbishment with the. Sika® -1 Prebagged System. Sikadur® Combiflex® tested under high water-pressure. In conjuction with. The Sikadur®-Combiflex® SG System consists of a flexible Polyolefin (FPO) . Sika® System test: Sikadur®-Combiflex® SG Tapes bonded to each other with.

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Ensure that it is worked well into the surface, especially if the surface is damp. These two products combine to co,biflex a highly flexible, waterproof, surface bonded bandage.

Sikadur Combiflex® SG

This increases the longevity of the joints and secures the tightness. In damp conditions use a chalk mark. Remove uncured Sikadur 31 from tools with Kwiklean water soluble solvent immediately after use.

This durable solution reduces down 2 Compression profile times of sewage treatment plants. Peel-off Strength comhiflex to Sikadur 31 after 6 months immersion in water. Drinking water is one of the most important resources that needs protection. Laps combirlex be at least the width of the Combiflex sheeting used. Uncured Sikadur 31 may be removed with a suitable solvent. Due to these skia different requirements sealants should be specified thoughtfully. Both surfaces being joined must be cleaned with colma cleaner and left to dry.

Remove affected person to fresh air immediately and contact a physician. The product is substrate surface must be clean, dry and free used to activate non-porous substrates such from any grease, oil, dust, release agents and as metals, plastics, glazed ceramics and various any other substances combidlex potentially could have painted surfaces.

Log In Sign Up. During this operation, take care to ensure that the epoxy adhesive does not enter the joint. Hence, the maintenance costs are lower thus reduces maintenance costs as well. On the other hand, joints in pedestrian areas should be flush with the The optimal ratio of joint width to depth seal- surface to prevent injury of people. Tear Strength between sheeting and Sikadur 31 sheeting width: Help Center Find new combirlex papers in: It is widely used as joint waterproofing in watertight concrete structures.


All surfaces must be clean and sound. Flush immediately with water for 10 – 15 minutes and contact a physician immediately.


In order for a sealant to fulfil its function over the whole lifetime of a building or construction the selection of the right solution and the cor- rect design taking into account all potential influences are essential. Sik surfaces must be clean and free from all traces of grease, oil, rust and mill scale.

WHERE TO USE Sikadur-Combiflex is designed to be siika to a wide variety of substrates on either side of high movement and irregular joints or where the use of conventional sealing techniques is not possible. Bridges, park decks, basements, dika etc. Do not thin Sikadur 31 with solvents. In addition sealants have to fulfil specific There are a great number of international, re- guidelines depending on their application.

Wash thoroughly with soap and water.

This sig- floor stays tight even under heavy loads. Hence, the emergency services gain time to pump the aggressive chemicals into secure containers and the risk to contami- nate ground or drinking water is significantly si,a. All of them exhibit a long cmobiflex life even un- der permanent water immersion and resist aggressive liquids used in water treatment plants. Only sealants specifically designed for waste water treatment chemicals this environment are suitable.

In ar- eas with adhesion loss, mechanical cleaning of the bonding area is not only very important but mandatory. Ska ensures a long life expectancy siika such facilities. Easy to apply and repair Excellent adhesion to concrete and a wide variety of other substrates Can be applied to damp surfaces Highly flexible, even at low temperatures Waterproof and weather resistant Good chemical resistance Seals between dissimilar planes Allows movement in 3 dimensions Suitable for contact with potable water Perforations in membrane create a mechanical bond.


The two kinds of maintenance efforts. The than common floor joint sealants. The Sikadur 31 must still be tacky during the application of the Combiflex Hypalon Sheeting. This comgiflex range approach ensures reliable and long lasting technical solutions for a long life ex- pectancy of the building or structure. Colma Cleaner and Hypalon Welding Solvent. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


An old sealant needs to be renovated at the sealant with similar dimensions as the original end of a normal life cycle or because of main- joint or a sealant with similar mechanical Reasons for joint refurbishment may include tenance or quality insufficiency reasons. Yet, joint sealants play the major role in keeping a building air and water tight and thus prevent damages with unforeseeable consequen- tial costs.

Click here to sign up. Sikadur-Combiflex is designed to be applied to a wide variety of substrates on either side of high movement and irregular joints or where the use of conventional sealing techniques is not possible. The even if exposed to intensive cleaning cycles Key benefits manufacturing industry and the foodstuff in- and aggressive cleaning agents.

The applica- tion is quick and efficient. To prevent displacement of the Combiflex Hypalon Sheeting during application of the second layer of Sikadur 31, it is advisable to allow the basic layer to stiffen first. The surface may be dry or damp, but it must be free of any standing water.