COLORTRONIC C Touch Screen repair by ACS. ACS Industrial offers professional service, and warrantied repairs at competitive prices. Contains links to the following products make by COLORTRONIC: VIC31 VIC31, COLORTRONIC, CONTROLLER C, COLORTRONIC, CONTROLLER. COLORTRONIC CONTROLLER COLORTRONIC C2 CONTROL SYSTEM COLORTRONIC C CONTROLLER COLORTRONIC VACUUM.

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The loaders combine with the central conveying system. This provides flexibility to accommodate changing process needs. This provides flexibility to meet changing process needs.

Colortronic C Multi Station Controller | Control System Labs

Also their construction is modular with a hinged lid. The hopper load has large LEDs, which display operating conditions such as on; demand; conveying; alarm. Ask a question to the supplier. Also available is an option with high resistance to abrasion for conveying highly abrasive materials.

These are shown as on, demand, conveying, alarm. This ensures that the hopper underneath the loader is kept full.

Also available is an option with high resistance to v100 The colortronic hopper loaders are designed for hour operation, meeting the latest European CE requirements. Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe Individual. Relay air is exhausted via a Polymax rigid plastic dust filter that can be instantly detached for cleansing with an airline or water jet.

Aspiration pneumatic conveying system – CSK 5-H colortronic CSK 5-H allows conveying free-flowing pelletized plastic materials, with the use of vacuum hopper loaders, which integrates into a conveying system. The loader is especially It uses vacuum hopper loaders for conveying free flowing pelletised plastic materials. A solenoid valve, mechanical-drain filter and link nozzle are fitted to the rear portion of the regulation sections.

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This ensures minimal abrasion and corrosion. Also, the loaders are in compliance with European “CE” standards. The modular design includes a hinged lid, allowing maximum flexibility for meeting changes in process requirements. The rugged, modular construction is colortroic major advantage, making the systems work without filters, and made of stainless steel with minimal corrosion and abrasion levels.

It is designed to resist hour continuous operation, cologtronic the items also meet European CE requirements. Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe Send. When it comes to conveying abrasive materials, the high abrasion resistance is an important aspect.

Electricity – Electronics – Optics Energy: A sight glass is used for indicating material level. Additionally it features several dispense valve versions as per the application and components to be fed. The material id dispensed into the hopper via powder covered, cast aluminum cyclone.

They are available in two different designs which are suction-based or blowing-based. The loaders have a modular construction c1000 hinged lid and changeable capacities. Aspiration pneumatic conveying system – CSK 1 CSK1 allows for several applications, conveying free-flowing palletized plastic materials with the use of vacuum hopper loaders.

These units are made flexible in order to match an extensive range of machine tool arrangements. They operate without filters.


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In addition, this item can be easily integrated into a central conveying system, doings The unit operates without the use of filters, and colortrpnic has reduced downtime as it can be serviced easily. This ensures high c1000 and corrosion resistance. The construction is a rugged, modular one, while the hopper loaders work without filters, being made of stainless steel and toughened glass.

The hopper loader has large LEDs for displaying operating conditions. CSK 30 combines with a central conveying system. With the help of CSK 05 vacuum loaders, the system allows conveying of free-flowing pelletised plastic materials straight to the processing machine.

Additionally it features several dispense valve versions as per the application This results in minimum process downtime. They operate with decreased labor cost and enhanced cleanliness. Aspiration pneumatic conveying system – CSK 3 The CSK 3 is manufactured by Motan Colortronic, and is vacuum conveying system that enables the conveying of free-flowing pelleted plastic elements with the use of vacuum Moreover, the loader pulls the component until it is full and awaits the signal to unlock the dispensation valve.