Musings and Other Things from CF Guru Mark Kruger: Troubleshooting and Optimizing Solr on ColdFusion 9. Passing a query object to the CFINDEX tag is great for building an index from scratch setting my table’s “productName” as the document title. Railo uses Apache Lucene, and ColdFusion uses Solr (which in turn uses if you like) * / will delete the current collection * / so .

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Since strings are not tokenized, you cannot search any word in a string. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Maybe it’s because I’m using Inded 9. Just wanted to add a minor point of clarification to this blog entry, in case it’s found by future readers searching for related content just as I found it today. The name can include spaces. The key attribute is an identifier that specifies the key.

Data & Services > Collections

Solr was running out of heap space but ColdFusion was not running out of heap space. On Slor, the executable file has been renamed as jetty. Autocommit indexed documents Boost specific fields or entire document for improved search results. It is the default. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and ocldfusion policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


Re-organizes all segments in a core to a single segment.

Support for additional languages ColdFusion coldfusiin search and indexing for 17 languages in addition to English. For instance, when you index the database for the first time.

Solr enhancements in ColdFusion 10

But the first thought was to go and see if there were any Solr log files. The key attribute is the name of a column in the query that contains a directory pathname. The value specified for key depends on the type attribute: Solr is a big step up from the old Verity services, but in the words of Uncle Ben Peter Parker’s uncle – not the rice guy “With great power comes great responsibility”.

ColdFusion detects collections and creates maps collections as required. The latest timestamp is created in the dataimport. Returns a structure of structures in which the category representing each substructure is associated with a number of documents.

Now the Muse is not yet a Solr guru, so this was trial and error. This attribute is required, optional, or unnecessary blank: Security enhancements in ColdFusion 10 Securing Solr Since Solr cannot be done at a document level or communication level.

ColdFusion Help | cfindex

Administer Solr collections created by this tag or the ColdFusion Administrator. Idnex locale setting of the collection. This release provides basic authentication in jetty to secure access to collections.

Consider the colsfusion code: NAME The name of the collection. Since text type is tokenized, Solr treats text as a set of tokens, and therefore sorting is not possible. In ColdFusion 9, any user can access and add, update, and delete documents for indexing. Deletes all of the documents in a collection. Changes to the search server.


All the supported datatypes are listed in the schema. Anyway, this file is bundled with an executable jar and contains the useful stuff the exe file will need to instantiate a JVM and get up colrfusion running.

Causes the collection to be taken offline, preventing searches. Path The key attribute is required and it is a directory pathname. As I was helping someone with this iss If the action is delete, the key attribute is the document key to delete.

For example, while indexing a PDF, you can store information such as author and date of publication as shown in the following example: For a category in a category tree, the number of documents is the number at or below that level in the tree. Create the following dataconfig.

ColdFusion Help | Solr enhancements in ColdFusion 10

Changed query result behavior: Added the attributes autoCommit, colddfusiondocBoost. To index full database. If true, then cfindex tag throws an error while indexing documents.

Text type field is tokenized and therefore you can search for any word in the text. Recommended to use when you use DIH.

Boost specific fields while indexing.