Club rooms & weirdos Author: Kimidori-san Genre: Fluff, Humor, College!AU, Crack Rating: pg Pairings: Kaisoo(main), Hunhan, Baekyeol Summary: It takes. Anonymous said: Do you know if Clubrooms and Weirdos is posted anywhere else besides by the original author? She deleted her account. EXO Fanfic Recs · @exo_rec. My personal library of EXO Fanfiction that I thought I’d make public incase anyone’s ever looking for a fic.

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Kyungsoo has go to a family wedding where tensions are high, so Jongin offers to be his buffer. Chanyeol is an awkward derp weidos else is new and Baekhyun loves him for it.

Trapped in a cardboard box, Kyungsoo always feels at home. Something Like Quick Witted Romance: His most pleasurable times were to sit inside his box creation and stare through a small cardboard window he always cut out at the top of his boxes. Jongin takes pride in knowing that Weifdos is his. Chanyeol falls in love with wnd of that, too. Twelve guys and one software startup. All Luhan wanted was to find a Drift Compatible co-pilot. According to Sehun his new neighbor is too old, too pretty and probably a girl.

Weddings are universally hated.

They say miracles are supposed to happen on that boat; but the only miracle in his mind would be finding a way off it. Reasons Why Luhan is Perfect: Chanyeol is merely my instrument of choice.

Then, without warning, he was free, free from the prison, free from the crime they accused him of comitting and free from the past. Also the fact that Yifan, apart from being really stupid, is perfect.


One morning, EXO wakes up and Kyungsoo is four years old. Page after page the sheets fill up. In which EXO-K is a high school rock band, Baekhyun is hte new kid, Sekai are best bros for life, Kaisoo are idiots, Suho has too many troublesome feels and Sehun just wants his Chinese tutor to stop calling him dongsaeng.

Romance, Tragedy, Angst, College! Luhan has never really been able to get along with cats. Hunhan, Taoris, Xiuchen, Sulay Description: OT12 died from laughing.

Xi Luhan was untouchable.

Luhan just wants food. Clubroomd struggling in university and working shifts at the restaurant, Jongin is fighting to bring his life together after his parents disown him.

Kris is a bored student at Hogwarts who stumbles upon an interesting find in the Forbidden Forest. In which Kyungsoo is drowning in caffeine and suffocating in depression and Jongin just might be his savior. In which Clubroims is a ktity, Baekhyun is a puppy, Luhan is a fox, Tao is a bunny, Kris is a lion and Minseok is a mouse. But not before making things a bit more complicated. He knew it, his peers knew it, even his professors knew it. Jongin is a seductive and playful leopard hybrid.

Weirods name is Byun Baekhuyn and I want my stupid. Aka Weirds Do the Do. Tally Up, Tally Down: Then Oh Sehun confessed. Baekhyun does homework and Chanyeol is weird.

Taoris, Hunhan, Kaisoo, slight!

Charged with a crime he never comitted, he was sent to jail as an innocent. Chanyeol loses everything in a car crash, but he gains something precious in return.


Why I Should Move To South Korea – Maknaetrouble’s Fanfic Recommendations

Yixing should be afraid, but his self-preservation instincts have been failing him as of late. My name is Byun Baekhyun.

Most certainly not someone as young and fragile, alive, or beautiful as Byun Baekhyun. Fluttering moments from an unlikely love story. Park Chanyeol, a bright, overly happy art student meets Byun Baekhyun cold, dangerous gang member who wants nothing to do with him.

Everytime his relationships get physical, he freaks out. Jongin is the thing of the devil. Kris is a creature from an evil dimension. Junmyeon is wary of getting close to anyone, but Jongin is determined to get past his defenses.

K-Pop World FanFics

I hate you and then I love you. Do Kyungsoo has worked his ass off to get a full scholarship to one of the best schools in Korea only to discover that his roommate is a sex fiend! In which EXO are a bunch of happy five year olds going to a petting zoo.

Also, Jongin is a caveman and Joonmyun coubrooms married to his iPhone. The evolution of Chef Sehun. It is there that he meets the wind spirit of the valley and falls in clubroms with him.