The ClearVue is a mid-range, shared service ultrasound machine which is a step up from the HD7 and HD9 in the Philips line of ultrasound systems. It offers. The Philips ClearVue / Ultrasound systems implement the necessary DICOMĀ® services to download worklists from an information. and ergonomics. ClearVue Highly adaptable, with 3D/4D from the start. ClearVue Office-ready, and can grow with your needs. ClearVue

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Philips ClearVue 550 Ultrasound

I’ve tried navigating the setup menus but to no avail. Philips ClearVue Ultrasound. If you scroll left the pointer goes right, up to down etc. We import and export our products across the globe.

Year of Establishment Get Best Price Request a quote. Other products by Philips Other products in Ultrasounds. No Trackball or Trackpad: The ClearVue was launched in as the replacement for the HD7xe and is positioned in between the ClearVuewhich has no articulating arm, and the ClearVuewhich offers more standard Number of Employees 11 to 25 People. The versatile ClearVue with Active Array technology offers image quality designed to enhance diagnostic confidence, features that are sophisticated enough to be simple, and advances in ease of use and reliability.

Philips ClearVue Ultrasound Features Get stunning images in a lightweight ultrasound system that is designed to enhance diagnostic confidence and improve the quality of patient care.


Sonography Machine in Chennai. No Maximum Depth of Field: Yes M-color Flow Mode: Add to My Bench. No Sleep Mode 5550 Start: Yes Tissue Doppler Velocity Imaging: Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner. Get stunning images in a lightweight ultrasound system that is designed to enhance diagnostic confidence and improve the quality of patient care. We are team of experienced, focused and hardworking professionals.

The Philips ClearVue also has the best cardiovascular imaging available in the world at this price point. Description Also in Ultrasounds Description. Yes Imaging Modes 2D, M mode: Philips ClearVue Ultrasound Machine. We work in a pretty isolated hospital and the technician would have some problems to come! Please review our Privacy Policy for more 5500. Ultrasound Equipment in Bengaluru. These technologies justify the additional price added to the cost of the Philips ClearVue for sale.

The Philips ClearVue has a modular design that enhances serviceability and reliability inside a lightweight package for improved mobility.

Other Items In This Category. It is limited in its versatility, offering only four transducers, but lcearvue serves well for its target market. No Contrast Imaging – General Imaging: With the Active Array technology, key imaging technologies are integrated into the transducer for excellent images.

Philips ClearVue Ultrasound

Yes Contrast Imaging – Cardiac: We supply new innovations and technologies that healthcare professionals and customers need every day. We own a perfectly funcional Clearvue I didnt manage to find the proper machine on the search barbut apparently the trackball axis both x and y are inverted.


The ClearVue ultrasound system has smooth, graceful lines and an elegant design that show this is a new Philips quality imaging system. Is it a software problem or hardware?

ClearVue Ultrasound System – Improve your image. I agree to the terms and privacy policy.

System Overview Monitor inch: We are the liaison with 50 manufacturers during the entire sales cycle, as well as for our customer service needs. BloomfieldCT Medical Expert Ultrasound Review This is a very good mid-range ultrasound machine. Through our extensive research and network we source and supply medical devices and equipment of all types, from all places, including difficult to clearvur ones.

We also organize unsecured medical equipment loans and flexible rental schemes with quick disbursement. My Bench Order History Sign out. We are committed to providing our customers innovative, cost-effective products and solutions to improve quality of healthcare. Focus on sales effectiveness and consistency in service efficiency is the hallmark of our reputation.