The Clarity, Vibrance and Saturation tools are some of the most useful adjustments for enhancing digital images. While most people understand what is meant. You want your photos to be as sharp as possible. Of course, there is no substitute for good technique in the capture phase, but you would like to add something. Clarity Image also displayed a vari-speed controller for the AJ-HD27F VariCam. It offers smooth, real-time frame rate changes with user-defined.

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That allows you to reach different parts of the picture and affect contrast in different ways. Mountains hand drawn with ink on white background. When you are done, you can use the High Pass filter to highlight key areas immage your photo in Photoshop.

Reeves X-v Pulley Size H H 3/4″ Vari-speed NOS | eBay

Luxury diamond in tweezers closeup with bright bokeh background. The eye goes to sharp varispede of the image before it goes to unsharp, or out of focus areas.

Select Soften Skin from the Effects menu. It will add clarity and texture to that portion of the picture you want only, not the entire image.

Thailand,Bangkok – 31 March Contains hieroglyphs – peace, tranquility, clarity, happiness.


Maximum clarity highlighted in green, under the heading Varis;eed. This is the strongest Soften Skin preset. Hieroglyphs – eternity, freedom. Use the Opacity slider to control the degree to which the effect is applied by your brush you can also adjust the layer opacity. Two black birds and black enso zen circle on vintage background.

That is the greatness of this plug-in: Ready To Do More? It is a plug-in by Topaz that is named, appropriately enough, Clarity. Sign in to our Contributor site.

The best part of Clarity is the Micro contrast, although this often requires offsetting adjustments to other areas of contrast. Girls silhouette diving into water with reflections. You are viewing our newest and freshest images for your search. Create a Free Account. Note that this process will create a global adjustment to your image.

You can also adjust the sliders manually.

4 Ways to Make Your Photos Stand Out with the Clarity Slider

My new ebook Mastering Lightroom: This Panorama of Emerald Lake, illustrates the clarity vaarispeed the water. Simplifying the complex, confusion clarity or path vector idea concept.

Writing Clarity text made in the office close-up on laptop computer keyboard. You can see the effect here. You can use negative Clarity as a kind soft focus effect in portraits.

Another way to add a degree of clarity to your imave is to increase the local contrast, claarity the best way being a Curves Adjustment Layer.


Why should you use this filter, and not the Clarity slider in Lightroom assuming you have both?

Word clarity and Buddhist symbol for life path. Use the High Pass filter for targeted adjustments to specific areas that you want to draw out in your picture.

Clarity stock photos

Perfect Message on an arrow pointing to imagd overlapping area of claruty venn diagram where Clear and Concise words meet for ideal communication clarity. Now use a white brush to paint on the mask in the effect where you want it.

Keep it simple business concept with lightbulbs as symbol of idea, creativity. Book 2 — The Develop Module. I find it best to apply a slight, to moderate amount, when making Lightroom adjustments.

Three black birds and enso zen circle on rice paper background. That will create a black layer mask. This helps retain realistic looking texture in the skin and avoids the false effect I spoke of earlier.

A small but subtle boost to Clarity can lift just about any image.