: Clairvoyance (): C. W. Leadbeater: Books. Clairvoyance and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. First published in , Clairvoyance is Leadbeater’s short handbook on the methods used in seeing and hearing beyond normal perception. Humans can only. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. This is a Theosophical manual of the phenomena of Clairvoyance, the mental viewing of things far removed in space and/or time.

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He will be impressed by the protean forms of the ceaseless tide of elemental essence, ever swirling around him, menacing often, yet always retiring before a determined effort of the will; he will marvel at the enormous army of entities temporarily called out of this ocean into separate existence by the thoughts and wishes of man, whether good or evil. We have the habit of calling all our exercises of that sort by the general name of meditation, though it is appropriate only to some of them.

Leadbeater went on to write over 69 books and pamphlets that examined in detail the hidden side of life as well as maintain regular speaking engagements. Rodolfo Xavier rated it liked it May 13, When, for example, a man here in England sees in minutest detail something which is happening at the same moment in India or America, how is it done? If the first of these changes has taken place, the second is of little importance, since the Ego, the true [Page 23] man, will be able to profit by the information to be obtained upon that plane, even though he may not have the satisfaction of bringing through any remembrance of it into his waking life down here.

In a bar of iron, for example, we have a mass of physical molecules in the solid condition – that is to say, capable of comparatively little change in their relative positions, though each vibrating with immense rapidity in its own sphere. But where is the qualified teacher to be found?

How Clairvoyance Is Developed – Concentration – Meditation | Theosophists

Glimpses in the Twilightclairvyoance If the clairvoyant knows anything of the man whom he seeks, he will have no difficulty in finding him, for [Page 71] every man has what may be called a kind of musical chord of his own – a chord which is the expression of him as a whole, produced perhaps by a sort of average of the rates of vibration of all his clairvoyannce vehicles on their respective planes.

It shall flow into me to the uttermost degree in which I am capable of receiving it. Sometimes the same general result is obtained by the recitation of certain formulae, the repetition of which over and over again deadens the mental faculty almost as the gazing at a metal disc lradbeater.

It will be found that there are five, four of them being really varieties of clairvoyance, while the fifth does not properly come under that head [Page 54] at all, but belongs to the domain of magic. Of course this latter method implies far greater development, since it clairvyance the knowledge of and the power to use forces of a considerably higher level; so that the man who could make his line in this way would not, for his own use, need a line at all, since he could see far claievoyance easily and completely by means of an altogether higher faculty.

If he is to do this, and to do it ledabeater, he must purify the mental, the astral and the physical; he must cast aside his pet vices and his physical impurities; he must cease to defile his body with meat, with alcohol or tobacco, and try to make himself pure and clean all through, on this lower plane as well as on the higher ones. He will see this aura flooded with the beautiful rose-colour of pure affection, the rich blue of devotional feeling, the hard, dull brown of selfishness, the deep scarlet of angers, the horrible lurid red of sensuality, the livid grey of fear, the black clouds of hatred and malice, or any leadbrater the other hundredfold indications so easily to be read leadbearer it by a practiced eye; and thus it will be clairvoyace for any persons to conceal from him the real state of their feelings on any subject.


One to which it will be worth while to give a passing glance is the stage in which a man, though he has no clairvoyant faculty in ordinary life, yet exhibits it more or less fully under the influence of mesmerism. This last feat, though perfectly easy to astral vision, presents considerable difficulty to one using etheric sight, because of the fact that each page has to be looked at through all those which happen to be superimposed upon it.

The development, either entire or partial, of any one of these faculties would come under our definition of clairvoyance – the power to see what is hidden from ordinary physical sight. Lang gives us a very good example of the kind of vision most frequently seen in this way. It will be obvious from what has previously been [Page 51] said as to the power of astral vision that any one possessing it in claitvoyance fulness will be able to see by its means practically anything in this world that he wishes to see.

Clairvoyance by C. W. Leadbeater

When we succeed we shall break through into a different world, a different way of looking at everything.

It was one of the most wonderful manifestations in the way of occult force that I ever saw. I am not referring to the keenness of sight or of hearing that enables one man to see a fainter object or hear a slighter sound than another; it is not in the least a question of strength of vision, but of extent of susceptibility.

As before, I will begin by stating what is possible along this line for the fully-trained seer, and endeavouring to explain how his faculty works and clairrvoyance what limitations it acts. There was no unity, as is always the case with any crowd anywhere. There is, however, another point which it would leadveater be fair to leave entirely out of account,and that [Page 16] is the question of the chakrams referred to above.

You cannot reach them in the physical body, and you might not even know them if it should happen to you to see them. It is not then difficult for us to grasp the possibility of a steady and progressive extension of our senses, so that both by sight and by hearing we may be able to appreciate vibrations far higher and far lower than those which are ordinarily recognized.

Even the simpler and purely astral operation is a difficult one to describe, though quite an easy one to perform. Sometimes however, when in this condition they see what is taking place at a distance, and so they come to have a place among our “clairvoyants in space”.

Clairvoyance Index

And this irregularity of development is one of leadbeeater principal causes of man’s extraordinary liability to error in matters of clairvoyance – a liability from which there is no escape except by a long course of careful training under a qualified teacher. I am addressing myself to the better-instructed class who know that clairvoyance exists, and are sufficiently interested in the subject to be glad of information as to its methods and possibilities; and I would assure them that what I write is the result of much careful study and experiment, and that though some of the powers which I shall have to describe may seem new and wonderful to them, I mention no single one of which I have not myself seen examples.


A man functioning in this leaves his astral body behind him along with the physical, and if he wishes to show [Page 70] himself upon the astral plane for any reason, he does not send for his own astral leadbrater, but just by a single action of his will materializes one for his temporary need.

They appear to be connected with the sympathetic system, not with the cerebro-spinal. It also is not easy, but its practice cannot but be of the greatest use to the man. Some few there will perhaps be who can see farther than ordinary at both ends, and these will almost certainly be what we call sensitive people – susceptible in fact to a great range of vibrations than are most men of the present day.

The truth is that the whole Theosophical system hangs together so closely, and its various parts are so interdependent, that to give a full explanation of every term used would necessitate an exhaustive treatise on Theosophy as a preface even to this short account of clairvoyance.

We have now touched upon some of the principal changes which would be introduced into a man’s world when he gained etheric sight; and it must always be remembered that in most cases a corresponding change would at leadbetaer same time leadbeatsr brought about in his other senses also, so that he would be capable of hearing, and perhaps even of feeling, more than most of those around him.

The vast kingdom of nature-spirits is in the main an astral kingdom, but still there is a large section lexdbeater it which appertains to the etheric part of the physical plane, and this section, of course, is much more likely to come within the ken of ordinary people than the others. The experimenter, for example, has no power to shift this point of view; lexdbeater telescope, so to speak, has a particular clairvoyaance of view which cannot be enlarged or altered; he is looking at his scene leadbeafer a certain direction, and he cannot suddenly turn it all round and see how it looks from the other side.

It is stated in the case of one of the most celebrated of those oracles of ancient days, the priestess sat always upon a tripod over a crack in lwadbeater rock, out of which vapour ascended.

For example, if he looks astrally at a glass cube, its sides will all appear equal, as we know they really are, whereas on the physical plane he sees the further side in perspective – that is, it appears smaller than the nearer side, which is, of course, a mere illusion due to his physical limitations. Christopher C Vykukal rated it it was ok Mar 11, Many attempts of this sort have been made here in the United States; I know it personally, because on my previous visit many who had ruined clirvoyance constitutions and in some cases brought themselves to the verge of insanity came to me to know how they could be cured.

It has been done in mesmeric trance, but the occurrence is of exceeding rarity, for it needs almost superhuman qualifications in the way of lofty spiritual aspiration and absolute purity of thought and intention upon the part both of the subject and the operator.