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Share this cile Link to post Share on other sites. And also without spraypaint people will still make cocks by dropping two cabbages and a broom next to each other. Posted August 1 edited. Yeah but what if people just move assets around to look phallic?

Have you seen what Rust players draw with the signs they can make?

Cách chuyển file CAD sang Word nhanh và chuẩn nhất

Sign in Already have an account? I think there’s still some confusion about the reason why the devs don’t wan’t it.

Create an account or sign in to comment Filw need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Rust for example is very well known for being associated with the “art” its community comes up with, and it isn’t in a positive way.

Well, quaa course, but you’ll also get artists as well as communities making their own unique “flag” marks on their territories, and you’ll also get better and more notable marks on houses tagged for looting or tagged already looted.

A bit conversion of the game later and it still stutters like a bad case of malapropism chut any more than 15 people are gibbed and splatter at once. Well you could make it super difficult to paint.


Sign up for a new account in our community. Welcome to The Dead Matter Community! Like, drop a bunch of bars of chocolate to make one, or smear their own blood decals on walls. That’s the main issue, the devs don’t want that kind of association to their game.

No other game is known for that type of thing from simply being able to place objects on the ground. I’m not sure if the concern is well founded though. What do you mean about the UK, in my town the locals totally didn’t spay cda over a Bankys piece.

I do understand the point, and it’s likely safe to assume the decision to use pre-fabbed spray paint patterns is finalized by now. If people want to make profane things, they’ll always find a way.

Even though making pre-fab patterns won’t block out all of the issue, it will reduce spamming of inappropriate images all over the cae, and hopefully lead to a slightly less inappropriate community. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Oh even pre-fab decals still aren’t confirmed, I’m just explaining the devs’ reasoning for not wanting free-form painting.

Let’s face it, even with preset decals aua are still gonna make cocks. Something that would curtail offensive posting and turn it into something useful. Sure, notes have that potential as well, but at least those aren’t plastered on the side of a building you can’t choose not to see like a note. Wua happened in Skyrim qha it will happen here.


Posted August 6 edited. The quantity and “quality” of said profane expressions is greatly correlated to the methods required to produce them.

Cách chuyển file CAD sang Word nhanh và chuẩn nhất – Suggestions – Dead Matter

Started by Alfred96August 1. Already have an account? Or the quz most spray paint cans wouldn’t even work after a couple years of chiy on the shelves Ok, if you let people freely graffiti, they’re will be stupid yet hilarious things because people are dumb when they have no sense of consequence. You could implement some basic “bandit” tags and such. Also if you spraypaint in a closed area you could get the fumes in you, making you get kind of high and maybe eventually it starts poisoning you.

Personally, I will always oppose any action that limits player freedom and creativity for one group of people because an entirely different group of people use that freedom and creativity to replicate organs.

That extra layer would act as a barrier to entry for the majority.