Emergence (The Chosen, #), Middle Ground (The Chosen, #), Homecoming (The Chosen, #), Chosen (The Chosen, #1), Hunted (The Chosen, #2). The Chosen is an urban fantasy book series by author D.G. Swank (Denise Grover Swank). Books include Chosen, Hunted, Sacrifice, Redemption, Emergence. Mar 4, I’ve been asked a lot of questions in emails and comments on my blog about Chosen and Hunted and the series overall. I thought it might be.

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Jake, are the bad people coming now? The rules of suspension of disbelief are different in an epic fantasy than contemporary fantasy.

The Chosen Series

Sep 13, Trisha Leigh rated it it was amazing. Things got even weirder when the boy started talking about a prophecy which includes him as The Chosen, his mother as the queen, and the two frover who would eventually decide the fate of the world. Her character was multi-dimensional and enjoyable to be on the wild ride with.

The main characters were human and believable.

Downloaded for free from Amazon. Dec 06, Rhonda Cowsert rated it it was amazing. Emma is real, well swnk real as a half god can be.


I just didn’t want to put down my Kindle. Dec 28, Reyna Favis rated it really liked it. Emma doesn’t know why the men are after them, but it doesn’t matter. As it turns out I was able to sneak in some free time at home and during kids sports practices so I got plenty of quality reading time in. We soon find out that chose is a ruthless, seemingly amoral, bounty hunter hired to find her and deliver her to a swan group of powerful and wealthy men.

In the end, only the consequences matter. Aug 05, T. The story itself is like a roller coaster – full of twists and turns, ups and downs, barely allowing you to catch your breath before it’s full speed ahead again.

He wasn’t told about the kid and he doesn’t do kids. Thanks so much Carol, for recommending it to me! The reader doesn’t find out about the prophecy until the second third of the story and it completely changed the tone from dangerous chase with supernatural elements to full-blown contemporary fantasy. It’s a definite page-turner.

Chosen (The Chosen, #1) by Denise Grover Swank

I kept expecting one thing from him and he would surprise me. Will – absolutely swoon worthy as the dark and tortured anti-hero hero of this book.

What was once a means to a pay check turned into something more – an emotional connection with a “job” that he’d never once allow himself to feel in a long time.


Want to Read saving…. Dec 03, Carol Ward rated it it was amazing. I think the author wanted people to like the kid and this gift he had, but the entire time Feb 22, Rachel rated it did not like it. It’s fast paced and action packed.

Chosen (Chosen , book 1) by Denise Grover Swank

And even though she’s learned to trust her son, it doesn’t mean she trusts Will. I liked her writing style and her voice. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. Jun 10, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: This is the first book in a long, long time that I forced myself to finish.

It will leave you breathless.

Their verbal sparring was fun. It might even have been the fact that this book reminded me ALOT of the writing of Dean Koontz who just so happens to be my favorite author in the universe.