Mantra is a specific formulation of letters or words, designed to elicit (Chakshu= eyes, upanishads are ancient documents of knowledge). The Chakshu Upanishad is considered to be the most powerful ancient of Hindu Mantra Shastra hoping to get relief from their eye ailments. This is a powerful mantra for the prevention and cure of problems relating to the eyes. mam yaani yaani poorva janmopaarjitaani chakshu.

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CHAKSHUSHMATI VIDYA (MANTRA) FOR EYE PROBLEMS – Gleanings from Sanskrit Literature

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Bestow welfare to me. Yathaaham andho na syaam tathaa kalpay kalpay. The kindness of strangers an honest day or two. He will never be a victim of eye disease.

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After the chanting is over prostrate before the Sun and wash your eyes with the water. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This site uses cookies.

The text of the mantra is reproduced below in Devanagari script and also in Roman script. Indians can identify these, although I have found most of these while researching alternate methods to improve eyesight and had never heard of them previously.


Ahirbughnya is Rushi of this Chaakshushi Vidya. You are commenting using your Facebook account.


Chakshurno devaha savitha chakshurna uta parvataha: Please think about my welfare. Jack Smith October 11, at 4: This mantra has to be recited for total repetitions oftimes,after which you attain Mzntra over the mantra.

Surya gayatri mantra Om adityaya vidmahe sahara kiranaya dheemahi tanno bhanu prachodayat may chant upto times. If you recite 36 or 48 times, it is even better. This is a powerful mantra for the prevention and cure of problems relating to the eyes.

Twaritam mam-jaat-roopam tejo darshay darshay. Anybody reciting this stotra daily with concentration, faith and devotion becomes free from all eye diseases.

I bow to him God Surya who has given shelter to darkness tamo guna. Sun is supposed to give energy and life to the entire planet, and strength to eyes. There is nobody as lustrous as God Surya.

By Neel N February 13, I bow to him God Surya who is Luster of my eyes. Hence I bow to you. Uoanishad kind God Surya, you are nectar Amrut.


Music and positive thoughts have been shown to have beneficial effects on living organisms. Please make me free from this bad effect of my sins and remove all my sins of my earlier births also. Om pundareekaakshaay namah, Om pushkarekshanaay namah, Om kamalekshanaay namah, Om vishvaroopaay namah, Om shree mahaavishnave namah, Om suryanaaraayanaay namah.

He will never be a victim of eye disease. Meditate on the resplendent form of the Sun while chanting.

I bow mantda him God Surya who is always sporting travelling in the sky. Another version slightly longer http: Please see this link for an explanation how your chanting can have a healing effect through water. The Aqua-phonetic vibrations absorbed in the water has potential curative effect which one can experience after continuous recital for consecutive 48 days.