Chaga and the chocolate factory One day, Chaga’s parents were walking along the dusty road. They saw the bicycle man and Chaga wasn’t with him. A chocolate factory!’ That’s what the man had said. The next day Chaga and many other excited boys travelled a long way in a truck. The truck drove all through. This isn’t the end of the story. In cocoa farms all over the Ivory Coast, there are as many as children just like Chaga who still work as slaves. The big.

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In the end, she called the police. He saw a bright light. A look into working conditions in other countries.

He started to cry in the middle of the floor holding the boy. He answered that Chaga All the kids were really skinny. And when he said so, one of the older boys, laughed.

Chaga and the Chocolate Factory © Bob Hartman – based on a true story.

Why trade is a Human Rights issue. It was a chance, a desperate chance, but his only chance. Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. Easter is a spring holiday and a Christian holiday. Those who became sick or died would be replaced by more children like Chagra. You must help them, please! The man took Chaga on the back of the bike to see his parents. He was scared, very scared. Published by Junior Bell Modified over 3 years ago. Aim To demonstrate how much Fairtrade has grown and the facyory range of products now available.


Then, he fell asleep. He thought of his home and his family and his poor friend.

The big chocolate companies have known about this for years and six fxctory ago, agreed to do something to stop fatcory. He told her everything about the man, the plantation, his friends… He knew he could trust the woman. You have a family to feed, shelter and keep healthy. Chaga lived happily with his family forever. He saw the wicked men, so he went inside the box. Tears of sorrow, because they would miss their son.

Understand the term Fairtrade and the criteria involved. Plantation workers Your only concern in the world is surviving day by day.

The African air was hot and dry The African sun was bright. A Fairtrade company co-owned by cocoa farmers. We think you have liked this presentation. We think you have liked this presentation.

Chaga and the Chocolate Factory © Bob Hartman – based on a true story

He knew he would never see Chaga again. Registration Forgot your password? Tell the shops that you want a Fairtrade Egg and why. You would also like to. In cocoa farms all fctory the Ivory Coast, there are as many as 15, children just like Chaga who still work as slaves.

Bokhari explained that they were locked in at night and had armed guards by day to stop them from escaping. Everyday Chaga ahd getting sadder and sadder and he started to wonder: But when he took hold of his hand, it was cold.


Chaga and the Chocolate Factory by Marissa Juarez on Prezi

Some of the boys did drop, spilling their chocopate onto the ground. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Learning Intentions In this lesson you will learn…. It was a small, crowded, smelly shack.

A few minutes after, he sensed a movement. What can we do about it? The African air was hot and dry. They found that was a little bit awkward.

All the boys went back to their families and so did Chaga. Suddenly, one of them fell on the floor. And Chaga watched in horror as the farmer beat those boys with sticks, then loaded the sacks again onto their bleeding backs. And then, one morning, when it was time to leave the shack, Bokhari did not move. Share buttons are a little bit lower. The African sun was bright.

And tears of joy, because this job factoory far more than they could ever hope to give cahga, scratching out a living on their tiny farm.