I am using CFCHART in coldfusion to plot a line graph with 2 series of data (percentage for a date). The problem I’m having is that if one. I just wondering if you could help me with cfchart y-axis. ColdFusion for some reason auto format y-axis with number, for example the value of. Adam Cameron investigates some dodgy behaviour that CFCHART engages in.

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Adam Cameron’s Dev Blog: CFCHART phones home

All cfchartdata item attribute values must be numeric, and the axis is automatically sorted numerically. Pie chart from database. URL to open if the user clicks item in a data series; the onClick destination page. The fontSize specifies an Integer font size used for all text.

Relative positions of series in charts that have more than one data series.

Writing a chart to a variable

All Data point colors colorList A comma-separated list of colors to use for each data point for bar, pyramid, area, horizontalbar, cone, cylinder, step, and pie charts. The axis indicates the data category. Creating a basic chart. Modify the file contents. Pie Data markers markerStyle Specifies the shape used to ctchart the data point.


ColdFusion Help | cfchart

ColdFusion MX Added this tag. Using the background attribute. Modify only attributes specified in the file. Supported for two-dimensional charts.

The seriesLabel attribute specifies the text that displays for the series label. Hexadecimal value or supported named color; see name list in the Usage section. To convert the above chart to 3D chart, all you need to do is specify the show3d attribute as true within the cfchart tag, as shown in the following example. A struct of keys related to crosshair such as: Sets the color of the border.

The SWF file is the default format. Whether the x axis corresponds to a numeric scale or identifies different categories, and how to sort the items on the axis.

If the XAxisType attribute value is scale, the x cdchart is numeric. Open the XML file that you want to modify, for example beige. All Value axis scaleFrom scaleTo The minimum and maximum points on the data axis. The foregroundColor attribute specifies the border color. Creating a pie chart.


This is an MP4 movie file.

The default value is solid. For the complete list of colors, see Configuring and Administering ColdFusion.

Defines the radius of rounded corners. Generates the graph as binary data and assigns it to the specified variable.

The labelFormat attribute specifies the format of the y-axis labels, number, currency, percent, or date. A struct of keys such as animation, aspect, margin, and marker used to style the plotting.

You can also import data from a database and create a chart pie based on a column of values. Two series line chart. The scale value lets you create graphs of numeric relationships, such as population against age. Color of the area between the data background and the chart border, around labels and around the legend.