Test CES Seagull Program CES Competence Evaluation System CES & for Android QUESTIONS & CORRECT ANSWERS OF. Buy CES For Deck & Engine (Questions & Correct Answers): Reviewer for Entrance Exam for Maritime Company: Read Kindle Store Reviews. The Crew Evaluation System (CES) is an online assessment tool to evaluate the Identify training needs (wrong answer summary report); Test results stored and use the test editor function or integrate STCW testing to reveal the strengths.

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Make sure that the contaminated water drains away freely and safely.

SAMO Yes, if engaged by the owner. XTLK Difficult to seal plates above this pressure. JDPL mm wg? Unknown August 7, at 4: Unknown July 17, at 8: The authorised Norwegian original applies in cases of discrepancies etc. Unknown January 23, at Arrange to have body moved to freezer area.

ERXJ To ensure that we do not have any water assembly in the cylinders when the compressor start. GNDL All the mentioned alternatives.

Stcw Ces Test 4.1 2_001

POUC Start with intermittent firing, using small firing periods and long intervals gradually building up to longer firing periods and shorter intervals. GDRY The minimum temperature at which a combustible gives off vapours that may burn in contact with oxygen in air, and at which combustion persists once the source of ignition has been removed GEDQ Every three months.


RXRQ Stop pumps — report — clean up? DCLC Portable bridge between ship and shore.

CES 4.1 and 5 Seagull Test

Cs Not permissible any where. Tesh Safety equipment to be made good in a given time period; Safety equipment to be made good at next port; Safety equipment to be made good before sailing; Vessel to be detained until all safety gear brought up to a minimum standard IWHE The route to musterstation, how to put on lifejacket and different emergency signals used onboard the ship. How is the activation of any detector or manually operated call point of fixed fire- detection and fire-alarm systems to be indicated?

Unknown December 21, at 3: CWTR Fire is easily spread in dust and abswers and wet floors may cause different accidents. Which of the equipment listed is not included in the fireman’s personal equipment?

YFBK Development of toxic gases? Pwedi pong maki suyo pa share ng ces 5.


QXGL Wnswers jacket water temperature after the cooler is approx. KLJY Clogged turbocharger filters. TLTI Place the heel of one hand, two finger breadths above the bottom of breastbone.

RXRO Ansswers bridge watchkeeping receivers and attract the attention of the person on watch. Close the ventilation system and other openings to the hold in order to choke the fire Questions Asked: CES is one of the most used tools in the industry to evaluate crew knowledge; it was developed in and came with its first online solution in EEYR Raise the feed water temperature.

CES Question and Answer Reviewer | Reymark Curangcurang –

What type of construction material should be atcw regarding fire protection purposes? Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in our free products and services.

OSTK Just prior to reaching the water, the lanyard should be pulled. QRVV to jump from a height of 4. GPMK Lubricating oil pressure is too low.