Cerber C52 is a burglar alarm system with 6 fully programmable zones on the motherboard, expandable to 12 by doubling and / or using keypad zones (each. Cerber c Users Guide – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Cerber C Zone and 2-Partition Burglary Control Panel For your home and office User’s Guide Doc / / version 1. INTRODUCTION.

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While PC modem is calling the control panel, just entering this command will manually activate the communication between PC and panel. If the siren sound is stopped while the system is disarmed, using a proper user code, the system will not be armed in the meantime, only the sounders stops. Once the command was entered, the master user should enter each allowed section by pressing the corresponding 2 digits cedber.

In case of a monitored alarm system, authorities may not respond appropriately. Please note the backup battery is continuously charged while AC power is present and if this trouble persists for a long time that means the battery must be replaced.

At the end of the cerbef delay time, after such an arming mode, the zones which are usually of the perimeter delayed type will respond as instant zones they will trigger the alarm as soon as they will be violated.

Once a delayed zone is first violated during one armed period it will start the appropriate entry delay timer; the keypad buzzer will sound a continuous beep, indicating that the system must be disarmed. After entering a valid user code within one of the previous sequences, all keypad LEDs will be ON for a little while cerer the keypad buzzer will sound 6 acceptance beeps only KPP.

System Troublesand when enetring the menu: All LEDs from 1 to 7 will cerher ON or OFF, as the respective rights were established by the installer previously; the master rights cannot be changed by him. The system time and date programming is allowed to the master user only if the appropriate option does not disabled by programming see the appropriate option within [] section.


This trouble indicates that the battery is disconnected or its voltage is lower than If after entering the last digit of the user code the keypad buzzer is sounding a long rejection beep it means: After entering ceber 3 digits corresponding to cerer order number of one submenu, the keypad buzzer will beep for 3 times, confirming the system is being within respective submenu.

Smoke detectors may not crber a fire on another level of a residence or building. That means the control panel is waiting for other digits for new value of the selected phone number. Section [] — Manually Activation of PC callback Only c621 1 LED Blinking That means the selected user code, the follow me phone number or the system time and date are not programmed and the control panel is waiting for first digit group for respective option.

System Trouble Status Displaying: Devices powered solely by AC will not work if their AC power supply is cut-off for any reason, even for a short period of time.

Cerber C – Roel Design

The following sequence will be introduced: Quick Arming Modes Arming without user codes Quick arming features allow the system to be quickly armed by any person who may not own a user code. Then enter the following sequence: The master user only may see own rights as they were established by the installer previously and, if the master user wants to change his rights he must call his installer.

Regular Away Arming [User Code] [x][x][x][x] or [x][x][x][x][x][x] This method, commonly used for day-to-day arming, will arm all zones in the system. Programming of the system time and date can be canceled by [ ] key pressing.

Erase the 1-st follow me phone number: Press [ ] key to exit zone-bypassing menu. ReadyForce If after entering the last digit of the user code the keypad buzzer is sounding a long rejection beep means: Mechanical tampering, masking, painting, or spraying of any material on the mirrors, windows or any part of the optical system can reduce detection ability.


Thus, the dispatcher will be informed that the user c6112 was performed under creber. The panel will come back in the stand-by state, waiting for commands. If the warning devices sound on a different level of the residence from the bedrooms, then they are less likely to waken or alert people inside the cerbre.

Allowed default rights for these user codes are: If any trouble condition occurs, it needs to be solved before arming to assure a proper function for system. The following operations can be performed: They do not create multiple beams of protection and intrusion f612 only be detected in unobstructed areas covered by the beams.

For each key pressing, the keypad buzzer will sound a short beep. This means that user was under duress ambush.

Once the system enters section [], it will exit this section only after [ ] key is entered the control panel will not leave this section automatically, 2 minutes after the last key pressing any more.

The difference between these 2 modes, ferber a LED keypad is the 3 or 6 confirmation beeps. Quick arming features are allowed only if the appropriate options are enabled by programming in section [].

The keypad buzzer will sound 3 beeps after each 3-digit group and 6 beeps after the last one.

Cerber c612 Users Guide

If the feature is got cerbre, the keypad buzzer will beep for 3 times and, if it is got deactivated, the keypad buzzer will sound a long beep. For system parameter programming to be accomplished only by authorized people, this code must be changed after the system was installed! If the system is ready and the button is pressed, the system will arm; Pressing the button again will disarm the system. Program the 1-st Follow me Phone Number: How does a partitioned system work?