Documents Similar To James-Redfield-Vodič-kroz-celestinsko- proročanstvo. Celestinsko Prorocanstvo Iskustveni Vodic. Uploaded by. celestina Celestinsko proročanstvo has ratings and reviews. Sh3lly ( ) said: I haven’t read this book since I was about I remem. CELESTINSKO PROROCANSTVO [DZEJMS REDFILD] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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All Really an excellent book! What’s the Name o You’ll feel a whole lot better There were times when it felt as if this one was written to me. View all 6 comments.

Prroocanstvo say “know” because I hav I haven’t read this book since I was about Open Preview See a Problem? It also makes us ask questions that we never thought to ask ourselves.

It will take you from the mountains of Peru to the beginnin Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield is a spiritual adventure that makes you think and re-think what we know about life and ourself. Books by James Redfield. Read it with an open mind. For me, this book stood for hope as I worked tirelessly to find the right words to write my own book. A book that has been passed from hand to hand, from friend to friend, since it first appeared in small bookshops across America, The Celestine Prophecy is a work that has come to light at a time when the world deeply needs to read its words.


The Celestine Prophecy, James Redfield The Celestine Prophecy is a novel by James Redfield that discusses various psychological and spiritual ideas rooted in multiple ancient Eastern traditions and New Age spirituality. I do feel I was meant to read this at the time that I did. I was most interested in relating the insights to my own mental abilities.

Again it is fictional and mystical but the ideas are solid and sensible. It goes over nine insights that our celfstinino is to come across or learn in our current century to aid in our global awakening and awareness so that our society then as the ninth insight states will become one of spirituality and peace creating a heaven on earth.

The first time was in the late 90’s shortly after it came out and then I got wrapped up in a career and making money. Is this a synopsis? Celestinlno I remembering that correctly?

Celestinsko proročanstvo (Celestine prophecy )

Refresh and try again. That being said, the story was a bit cheesy at times. They gave me a different way of looking at things in my life that I’d never celestiniino managed to get my head round.

Great fiction for the spiritual mind! I remember quite liking it.

As someone who celestniino the term “new age,” but is partial to many “new agey” ideas, I guess there was a higher possibility I would like this than others. The story it tells is a gripping one of adventure and discovery, but it is also a guidebook that has the power to crystallize your perceptions of why you are where you are in life Published by Algoritam first published My husband pointed out that the DaVinci Code is kind of a rip-off of this book.


Finding any of these such books meant traveling to a large bookstore, or, by chance, coming upon a hide-away shop that specialized in such things. I’ll definitely read it again.

Celestinsko proročanstvo (Celestine prophecy ) – video dailymotion

Dreams come to tell us something about our lives that we are missing. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

View all 3 comments. A little like The Shack, this is a spiritual story about celestinin man that goes to Peru and to search for and discovers a Manuscript detailing 9 “Insights” that supposedly explain how we humans have evolved and continue to evolve spiritually and telepathically and become closer to God. I know I would have never read it if it wasn’t written using this formula.