Kolejna odsłona (Notorious); Dziewczyna super 3. Niepokorna (Reckless); Dziewczyna super 4. Bez przebaczenia. book by Cecily von Ziegesar. Wikipedia(5 entries). edit. frwiki It Girl; nowiki The It Girl; plwiki Dziewczyna Super; ptwiki The It Girl; svwiki The It Girl. Dziewczyna Super by. Cecily von Ziegesar,. Małgorzata Strzelec (Translator). avg rating — 12, ratings — published — 26 editions. Want to Read .

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Lockhart, David Levithan and of course John Green? Geechee Girls Dancin’, – Jacqueline Woodson: I liked the character’s evolvement in this short story, and the way it’s written with 2nd person narrative works. Refresh and try again. I do admit that the book had an original idea, but it was sloppy and not worth my time.

Some of these were really good but xuper more of these were ones that I either didn’t like or didn’t get the point of or just skimmed.

Books by Małgorzata Strzelec

My little brother is in rehab. The entire family depicted in this story was awfully abrasive. Running into another story would be the death of me, and there’s only the tinniest probability I would run into a great story. I feel like Lockhart is trying too hard for this decily be gut-wrenching, but most of the characters were just daft. Not only is that so so so unrealistic and not even in the realm of “could happen”, it was absolutely ridiculous.

Aug 16, Francisca Ribeiro rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Maybe I’ll get to the rest before I return this book to the library, but I doubt it. The bond between the father and daughter was very sweet, and the depiction of their family struggles felt real.


The girl was a rude brat and yeah not even relevant to this anthology. Well, I was wrong. I don’t even remember reading this story I stuck with it to see if there would be a shining gem amongst the stories, but took frequent breaks and read The Secret Life of Sparrow Delaney in between. I went a little crazy with the short story collections from the library.

I am concerned about the ape thing. And she never even explains why he was dating a fucking gorilla.

This was probably my favourite short story in the book; the plot and the character’s background was interesting, and both the ending and writing was very good.

Holly Black–seriously, I don’t like anything she’s written that I’ve read so far.

Ack, a resounding I-don’t-buy-it no. An entire story was based on a kid who had a relationship with a gorilla that was the same gender. There is a lot of angst and sex in this collection. Even John Green didn’t double check one of the two French sentences his short story for the laughs I’ll write it here: Because it resonates to be true, and it eccily like Vizzini writing this was one of those signs you should’ve seen coming, but didn’t.

I liked cecoly it was in play-form again; makes it stand out more from the othersand I liked the fact that the ending was so open Does he ask the girl to prom?

Tylko ciebie chcę. Plotkara 6 – Cecily von Ziegesar • BookLikes (ISBN)

Someone please explain the ape thing. The story uses beastiality as a metaphor for homosexuality. This should have been edited better not just the order but also the stories themselves. Cecily von Ziegesar–weird story. Apology 1 – Ned Vizzini: This is meant to be a homosexual story but it’s actually just kind of making fun of it and yeah I hated this. I was expecting more from this book. In some way I could relate to her insecurity a little bit, but on the other side she was so negative towards everything that the story became uninteresting.


I feel like these words are written on my arms whenever I push up my sleeves, written on my cheeks whenever they relax out of my fake smile. To some extent, the main character’s abrasiveness is just a product of her environment, and I appreciated that the story at least depicted a family that wasn’t wealthy, for once. This just wasn’t good. I didn’t have a prom. This is how it should be done. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Want to Read saving…. First of all, what the fuck. Which I guess fits with the prom theme, but I found it mostly depressing. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Interesting, but just mildly so. There wasn’t enough history for me bank on, and with the screenplay format I just found the situation not genuine enough. Your Big Night – Sarah Mlynowski: Apr 27, Claire rated it it was ok Shelves: This just had too many problems to count.

Too bad there weren’t another 20 stories like this in the collection.