CCNP ROUTE Instructor Lab Manual. use by instructors in the CCNP TSHOOT course as part of an This lab uses Cisco routers with Cisco IOS. CCNP TSHOOT Student Lab Manual. Share? CCNP Routing and Switching TSHOOT Official Cert Instructor Lab Manual. Download Ccnp Tshoot Instructor Lab Manual free pdf, Download Ccnp Tshoot ccnp tshoot instructor lab manual. this document is exclusive property of.

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Which type of spanning-tree mode is implemented?

CCNP TSHOOT 6.0 Student Lab Manual

If working as a team, discuss your findings with your teammates to ensure that all team members know which maintenance and troubleshooting tools are available in innstructor network. Physical and Logical Topology Diagrams The physical and logical topologies, including interface designations and IP addresses, are provided to assist the troubleshooting effort.

Resolving one of the two problems might restore connectivity, but leaves a hidden issue. Review trouble ticket Lab TT-A.


These elements are not necessarily executed in the presented order. No data frames will be transmitted. With hundreds or thousands of hosts attached, access devices such as Layer 2 switches are a common source of networking issues.

Assign responsibility for each device to a team member. Lab Structure All contents are Copyright? cchp


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Would you change anything about the process that you used now that you manyal the resolution of the problem? Displays all essential parameters that affect the topology, such as root port, designated ports, port state, and port type, as well as the spanning-tree mode implemented. Lab Router R3 Baseline Config! If the directory and files are not present, contact your instructor. No other team member should access the console, make changes to the device, or execute disruptive actions, such as reloading or debugging, without permission from the instruchor team member.

Management VLAN is missing: Then select Campus LAN and the product family that you are working with. An entry for password security is provided as an example. Now document the host portion of the addresses. To get a more detailed description of the type of inconsistency and what might be causing it, you can examine the output of the show spanning-tree inconsistentports command. These are not the full show running-config output. Make clear that browsing the Internet should be possible from all clients.

The spanning-tree topology and which switch is the root for each of the relevant VLANs. On live networks, the test traffic that you are generating will be lost against the background instruchor the live traffic patterns in most cases.

Although it is manal considered security best practice, the student can set the console and VTY line exec-timeout to 0 0 to facilitate performance of this lab. Identify Troubleshooting and Maintenance Tools Task 6: Map the subnet scheme to the logical diagram.


Instructorr Debrief Notes Use this space to make notes of the key learning points that you picked up during the lab debrief discussions with your instructor. As you progress, record what you think the problem might be and what actions you will take to correct the problem.

The procedure shown here is for a switch, but it is very similar to that of a router.

The configs provided here are not running-config outputs. Because this table usually contains hundreds to thousands of entries, you can narrow the results to find what you are looking for by using command options.

For instance, in the example, you can see that both interface port inxtructor 1 and port channel 2 allow VLANs 10, 20, 30, andbut VLANs 10, 30, and are forwarded on port channel 1, while VLAN 20 is forwarded on port channel 2.

Document the logical topology to support future troubleshooting tasks. Checks all VLAN-related parameters for a specific interface access ports and trunk ports.