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This is the apprenticeship, in which the employer is obliged not only to pay remuneration to employees, but also to train them. The provisions of the Italian Civil Code on individual dismissals were substantially modified by special laws Act no. When looking at the yearly changes, the quality ratings for many services decreased in Italy between and In the past years, trade unions intensified cooperation, in particular at cross-sectoral level, with a view to tackling problems related to the economic crisis.

The dismissal of executives must be distribuzoine in writing.

Available data are not account for inflation. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

Living and working in Italy

The act also eliminated caps on the cncl of supplementary pension contributions that can be exempted from income taxation, a measure that is likely to promote the establishment of paritarian pension funds in the framework of collective bargaining agreements. For this reason, NCBAs provide for a minimum wage for employees in the sector they refer to.

Industrial action and disputes Legal aspects The right to strike is enshrined terziaruo Article 40 of the Italian Constitution. Eurofound governing board members from Italy Eurofound’s Governing Board represents the social partners and national governments of all Member States, as well as the European Commission. Youth employment decreased slightly The most relevant are: Either type of council can exercise the right to be informed and consulted mainly in the following cases: In the figure, we see a comparison between Italy and European Terzirio for the people with ‘Establishment size: This profile describes the key characteristics of working life in Italy.


RSU members are chosen by workers through distribuzionne election process. All’ when asked ‘Are you able to choose or change your methods of work?

Orario contrattuale, ferie e altre riduzioni orarie – dipendenti a tempo pieno

Competences of the body Involved in company level collective segvizi The provisions contained in those laws concern in most aspects only workers operai and employees impiegatiand do not affect executives dirigenti.

In any case, overtime shall be agreed between the employer and the employee, and cannot exceed hours a year. The Institute is a non- profit, voluntary association.

For instance, the perceived quality of health services decreased from 5. The new system will concern not only workers excluding managers employed under indefinite contracts, but also:. Unless differently provided for by NCBAs, overtime work should be used sparingly and when exceptional technical or production-related circumstances occur.

Good skills also tend to secure better-quality jobs and better earnings. The country page gives access to Eurofound’s most recent survey data and news, directly related to Italy:. The Prevention and Protection Service can be handled either internally or by an external contractor. Background Economic and labour market context Between andthere was some increase 1. Furthermore, Italy has never had legislation setting up a national minimum wage.

The trend shows a progressive shift in terms of strength and 0211 from national-level union activity to the decentralised level, in which special provisions are set for employers and employees. The Italian legislation promotes the employment of people with disabilities through compulsory hiring assunzioni obbligatorie Act no. Furthermore, this provision applies to parents with an individual income lower than 2.


The development of bilateralism has improved trade union relations by fostering a more collaborative and participative approach to all of the matters and areas where it can be practiced, in a sector such as the tertiary, characterized by a highly fragmented employment situation.

Following the adoption of the Jobs Act, the government enacted four legislative decrees. As a consequence, where there is a relevant mistake about personal qualities and skills, the agreement cannot be considered valid.

Pursuant to Article 1 of Act no. For the ‘No’ answer, Italy’s score is higher than the European Union score. The abovementioned provisions can be extended to the father of the child if: The reduction in working hours can be implemented in three different ways:. A healthy economy depends on a healthy workforce; organisations lose productivity through ill-health of their workers. Even though TU is not applicable to SMEs, it may trigger, in coming years, several changes within the evolving Italian industrial relations system.

Eurofound’s Governing Board represents the social partners and national governments of all Member States, as well as the European Commission.

Different remedies are introduced depending on the reasons for dismissal: On the basis of what is laid down by TU to avoid situations of excessive prolongation of bargaining rounds, 20111 partners agreed that the proposals for renewal must be submitted six months before the expiry of the NCBA.