Cast in Shadow (The Chronicles of Elantra, Book 1) [Michelle Sagara] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Seven years ago Kaylin fled the. Cast in Shadow by Michelle Sagara. 1/2 My reading relationship with Cast in Shadows had a lot of ups and downs. The beginning made it. Michelle Michiko Sagara (born ) is a Japanese-Canadian author of fantasy literature, Cast in Shadow (August ); Cast in Courtlight (July ); Cast in Secret (August ); Cast in Fury (October ); Cast in Silence (August.

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I just thought of two better ways for them to accomplish their goal while typing the last sentence. I think at first I had the impression it was a paranormal romance, possibly an urban fantasy the covers influenced me this way.

Kaylin had learned this early. This lack of “pertinent, actually” detail happens constantly, making the story hard to get through, and it was even harder to pick up after a couple of days’ break. There is so much adventure and mystery!

Of which she has many. I learned much more about the world through Kaylin’s relationships and through seeing what happens than anything else, which is a great way to learn how a world works.

I just don’t understand this book. Their touch is NOT delicate.

Book Review: Michelle Sagara, Cast in Shadow

Lords DiarmatEmmerianand Sanabalis are all Dragons. It turned out that in order to do so, she had to give of herself – sagzra essence if you will. HF, as in high f I smell potential! It wasn’t until the END of the book that I figured out that the Aeriens or however you spell it weren’t gryphons, but This is more a warning that it could be easy to get frustrated at first. But even the Dragons are not your typical fire breathing giant lizards!


Cast in Shadow is not a complicated book, so there is no reason it should be so hard to follow. Please don’t be so critical all the time. They do not like their wings touched. And her train of thought must have run on tracks perpendicular to my own, because I had such trouble following the reasoning of the main character.

The synopsis is in three parts linked from this page: This book managed to say so much and yet so little. Lord Tiamaris will be their third partner in this investigation in the fiefs. It belongs to a dragon, and I was hired to break into it and steal his hoard. Jason Denzel Narrated by: Really – only three words. I have nothing to say! I wouldn’t waste a credit. But her own past is about to catch up with her, in the form of know-it-all, hot druid Grey.

There is nothing I didn’t like about this audio book and found it hard to put the story down. Hugh knows he must carve a new place for himself and his people, but they have no money, no shelter, and no food, and the necromancers are coming. There are so many little mysteries, things alluded to but kept secret in some kind of attempt to keep tension and the reader’s interest – it was complete overkill and drove me mental.

I cheered her on when she was fighting and I wanted to help guard her secrets. If you make a fantasy world Kaylin is a Hawk not to be confused with the Aerial specieswhich is a sort of police force in the city.

See all 3 questions about Cast in Shadow…. Kaylin, while her tattoos could well make her Too Darn Powerful in the long run, is also a very flawed person who constantly shows signs of immaturity, of having an extremely poor handle on her life and her emotions. And today we have the first in yet another series I had heard much good about but avoided picking up for a variety of no good reasons. I think the resulting lack of real appreciation for the characters lay in the insufficient information of their past and the workings of their world I want to be perfect.


But that’s the problem. Can’t get any worse I downloaded this after listening to the free novella, Cast in Moonlight, that Audible had available for subscribers.

Posted January 31, by Kathy Davie in Book ReviewsYoung Adult readers I received this book for free from my own shelves in exchange for an honest review.

Seriously, though, this book came so close to being shredded to bits, which is saying something from someone who doesn’t even like to dogear the pages.

This isn’t your typical fantasy world. I really don’t know kichelle this book got high rating I thought it was awful. Broke, almost homeless, and recently fired. And there’s also a lot of deep history, as you’d expect when at least two of the major players here are essentially immortal, and there’s hints of even older races, now gone.

She is an orphan from the outer city a very poor and dangerous area. Counts towards the Cliterary Genius June part of cat challenge: When approaching this book in a review, one shouldn’t ask the question of what went wrong here but rather what was good.

Michelle Sagara

And her train of thought must have run on tracks perpendicular to my own, because I had such trouble fol I tried. This sagada just an image okay? What disappointed you about Cast in Shadow?