Español: Manuscrito con el texto de la carta de Cristóbal Colón al escribano de ración de la Corona de Aragón (Luis de Santángel) dando. Carta de Cristobal Colón a Luis de Santangel (hoja 6). Items Letter of Columbus to Luis de Santangel, dated 15 February x Print . [5 lines] / fecha ha quato[r]ze dias de marzo: / Esta Carta en bio Colom.

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I forbade it, and gave colpn thousand good and pretty things that I had to win their love, and to induce them to become Christians, and to love and serve their Highnesses and the whole Castilian nation, and help to get for us things they have in abundance, which are necessary to us.

Cartes anunciant el descobriment de les Índies – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

Another island, I am told, is larger than Hispaniola, where the natives have no hair, and where there is countless gold; and from them all I bring Indians to testify to cartq. The nightingale and other small birds of a thousand kinds were singing in the month of November when I was there.

Columbus claims cilon Indians practice monogamy “each man is content with only one wife””except for the rulers and kings” who can have as many as twenty wives.

For other evaluations of this find, see HenigeDavidson and Edney rev. The Libro Copiador version of the letter contains more native names of islands than the printed editions. At the end of his printed letter, Columbus promises that if the Catholic Monarchs back his bid to return with a larger fleet, he will bring back a lot of gold, spicescotton repeatedly referenced in the lettermastic gumaloeslavesand possibly rhubarb and cinnamon “of which I heard about here”.

He was the cousin of another Luis de Santangel “who had been knighted by Juan II for services in the war with Catalonia, was beheaded and burnt”, H. Indeed, there was no point in reprinting the Latin editions either, once the Treaty of Tordesillas was signed in June Columbus ends the letter urging their Majesties, the Church, and the people of Spain to give thanks to God for allowing him to find so many souls, hitherto lost, ready for conversion to Christianity and eternal salvation.

Columbus exaggerates the size of these lands, claiming Juana is greater in size than Great Britain “maior que Inglaterra y Escocia juntas” and Hispaniola larger than the Iberian peninsula “en cierco tiene mas que la Espana toda”.


The Letter of Columbus to Luis De Sant Angel Announcing His Discovery

The Santangel brother-in-law, however, was found santagnel of Judaizing and sentenced to death. The first printed edition of the Latin translation of Columbus’s letter was probably printed in Rome by the printer Stephen Plannck, c.

I heard from other Indians I had already taken that this land was an island, and thus followed the eastern coast for one hundred and seven leagues, until I came to the end of it.

The discovery of the Canary Islands in the s had launched a wave of slaving expeditions that had shocked the Church and prompted the intervention of the pope, who overrode the claims of the Iberian monarchs and wrote the islands over to a private entrepreneur Luis de la Cerda who promised to convert the natives instead.

The prospect of new souls ready to be converted, emphasized in the letters, and a Spanish crown eager to undertake the expense of that effort, must have swayed more than a few opinions. It omits some santangwl the more economic-oriented details of the printed editions. The Latin letter to Gabriel Sanchez, either the first or second Roman editions, was translated into Italian ottava rima by Giuliano Datia popular poet of the time, at the request of Giovanni Filippo dal Legname, secretary to Ferdinand II.

The letter was instrumental in spreading the news throughout Europe about Columbus’s voyage. While all the Spanish colin are very close to each other, historians believe they are not merely corrected reprints of each other, but that all derive independently or at least cartz consultation with an unknown prior edition or manuscript.

Columbus speculates that the aforesaid canoe-borne monsters are merely the “husbands” of these warrior women, who ve the island intermittently for mating.

I began fortifications there which should be completed by this time, and I have left in it men enough to hold it, with arms, artillery, and provisions for more than a year; and a boat with a master seaman skilled in santangep arts necessary to make others; I am so friendly with the king of that country that he was proud to call me his brother and hold me as such. Santanbel also gives an account of some of his own activities in the letters. Columbus’s descriptions of the natural habitat in his letters emphasize the rivers, woodlands, pastures, and fields “very suitable for planting and cultivating, for raising all sorts of livestock herds and erecting towns and farms” “gruesas para plantar y senbrar, para criar ganados de todas suertes, para hedificios de villas e lugares”.


Navarrete notes that the equivalent position in the Crown of Castile had a different title, Contador mayorwhich was at that time held by a certain Alonso de Quintanilla.

Columbus’s letter particularly the Latin edition forged the initial public perception of the newly discovered lands. He still continued in the royal service but he must have been condemned again for, after his death, aboutFerdinand kindly made over his confiscated property to his children”. They are ferocious compared to these other races, who are extremely cowardly; but I only hear this from the others.

Nonetheless, some historians believe that Columbus sent three distinct letters: Even should he change his mind and wish to quarrel with my men, neither he nor his subjects know what arms are, nor wear clothes, as I have said. The discovery of a manuscript copybook, known as the Libro Copiadorcontaining a copy of Columbus’s letter addressed to the Catholic Monarchs, has led to a revision of this history.

Columbus’s letter on the first voyage

Posted by X X at 8: Historians have had to rely on clues in the printed editions, many of them published without date or location, to reconstruct the history of the letter.

This section needs additional citations for verification. They firmly believed that I, with my ships and men, santqngel from heaven, and with this idea I have been received everywhere, since they lost fear of me.

However, Columbus proclaims disbelief in the existence of these “monsters”, or rather suggests this is likely just a local Indian myth pertaining to some distant Indian seafaring tribe who are probably not unlike themselves “I regard them as of no more account than the others”, “yo no los tengo en nada cplon que a los otros”.

I forbade worthless things being given to them, such as bits of broken bowls, pieces of glass, and old straps, although they were as much pleased to get them as if they were the finest jewels in the coon. No original manuscript copy of Columbus’s letter is known to exist. His first bull on the matter, Inter caeteradated May 3,was indecisive.