The study summarized in this paper attempts an analysis of the Form and Function of the language in Harold Pinter’s play, The Caretaker. It aims to establish. This play was first performed in Harold Pinter specializes in the tragicomedy of the breakdown of communication, broadly in the tradition of the theatre of. The Caretaker by Harold Pinter. “The Caretaker is .. permutated become platitudinous, trite, meaningless” – Harold Pinter. 5 advice: don’t worship the text.

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Just plug in here.

The Caretaker Harold Pinter

ASTON crosses to the chair, puts the plank on it, and continues sandpapering. I looked through a door into a third room and saw two people standing up and I wrote The Caretaker.

The fade-down of the light must be as gradual, as protracted and as unobtrusive as possible. Click here to sign piter. He takes a pipe from his pocket and ills it. You could … look after the place, if you liked … you know, the stairs and the landing, the front steps, keep an eye on it Polish the bells.

ASTON pintwr downstage right, collects the toaster and examines it. You were making groans.

His brother lived in the house. Venetian blinds on the window, cork loor, cork tiles. Come in on my head. I was brought here! Run at Sheffield Theatres ended on 11 November Some bloke tried to log me some suede the other day.


Must be something in it. It is his questioning nature and goodness that makes him a mad person. All I got to do is to go down to Sidcup tomorrow. His dream to build a shed and develop communication with Davies result into frustration. ASTON moves downstage right. Eh, what about closing that window now?

For Davies it is a Kentish Eldorado: Early on, Davies reveals to Aston that his real name is not “Bernard Jenkins”, his “assumed name”, but really “Mac Davies” 19—20, You can go out, he said, and live like the others.

He is brought home by Aston and is offered everything that Aston could offer. He munches the sandwich. All the buses passed right by the door. Below this a pile of old newspapers. I etxt what you want.

No, your other one? He looks over to the shoes. They break up a room with them. I could charge seven quid a week for this if I wanted to.

What about the rest? I noticed them heavy big curtains right across the window down there. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. They place the sink under the bed. One of the keys to understanding Pinter’s language is not to rely on the words a character says but to look for the meaning behind the text.


Got to have a bit of air.

The Caretaker Harold Pinter – Free Download PDF

Mick indirectly forces isolation on Aston. His greediness of nature does not allow him to enhance the communication either with Aston or with Mick. As Pinter wrote, back in A long chat he give me. Therefore Aston is forced to lead isolated life and the character like him is given inferior treatment in the society.

It was haold who told you.

I mean I used to talk to them. Although the text is presented in a casual way, there is always a message behind its simplicity. The theme of isolation appears to result from the characters’ inability to communicate with one another, and the characters’ own insularity seems to exacerbate their difficulty communicating with others. A bucket hangs from the ceiling. MICK is lying on the loor, down left, his head resting on the rolled carpet, looking up at the ceiling.

Aston does not want Davies to leave the room. Let him have them. Well, nobody messes me about for long. Hey, stop it, will you?