These are my notes from a lecture given by Mestres Bola Sete and Gildo Alfinete at the Brazilian Capoeira Angola Association in Salvador, on. , 2nd January – Mestre Pastinha loses to Bruce Lee. capoeira – Capoeira Angola – Mestre Pastinha and his academy. capoeira. The son of Jose Senor Pastinha and Eugenia Maria de Carvalho, Vicente Ferreira Pastinha was born on April 5, in Salvador-BA Brazil. Mestre Pastinha.

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Vicente Ferreira Pastinha

He was transferred to D. However, lowlifes found in capoeira, a way to rob people, reap vengeance on their enemies and fight the police. After having tried many jobs, including the marines, Pastinha never forgot capoeira and inwhen he was 46 years old, he started his own school in a place known as Bigode, close to Pelourinho. He also said, “O que eu faco brincando voce nao faz nem zangado. It was a sad time in the history of capoeira. During the spare time he would practice capoeira stealthily, since it was still illegal at that time.

They know; this is fight, this is cunning.

Angola Capoeira

Later, his father made him join a school to become a sailor. Mestre Pastinha Vicente Ferreira Pastinha is best known for preserving Capoeira Angola, the more traditional style of capoeira.

Some moments cannot be shared. Pastinha was left abandoned in a city shelter abrigo D.


Capoeira Music by Mestre Pastinha | Capoeira Music Songs, Lyrics and more

Pedro II and died on the 13th of November of a heart attack. Most mestres of Capoeira Angola can trace their lineage back to Pastinha.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Aberre was already famous at these rodas, and after spending the afternoon at the roda, Mestre Amorzinho one of the greatest masters of Bahia asked Pastinha to take over Capoeira Angola. The Hidden History of Capoeira: Pastinha showed his work with capoeira throughout Brazil and represented his country in the first black arts festival in Dakar, Africa, in Instead it became a restaurant and entertainment outlet.

By introducing a code of ethics, set training methods and a number of new techniques, he helped change capoeira from an illegal discipline associated with crime, to an iconic cultural pastime Preben Mailand Christensen, was recommended visiting Mestre Pastinha during travels in Brazil, in those days the most famous capoeirista of Brazil.

I know this will be a bad chapter in history of capoeira. Inaccording to his calling card, he used the expression “Academia Capoeira Angola” for his school in Pelourinho 19, Salvador-BA.

Instead it became a restaurant and entertainment outlet. At the school, he use to teach capoeira to his friends.

He continued his training with Benedito for three more years. Pastinha suffered a first stroke in Mayand a month later, the second one. Pastinha taught his students one by one, with the others watching. He dedicated his entire life to Capoeira Angola, and in April 12th,he played his last Capoeira game.


Lecture on Mestre Pastinha and Capoeira Angola

I inherited it from my grandfather. Mestre Pastinha was exposed to capoeira at the age of 8 by an African name Benedito. When he was angooa years old, Black Benedito, a freed slave called him to teach him about the secrets of this art, with which he could defend himself against a taller and stronger boy that was always threatening him. Although Capoeira was illegal, and not tolerated in the school, Capoeifa taught it to many of his friends.

Mestre Besouro Manganga Besouro Manganga was such a prolific capoeira fighter that people believed him to have magical powers known as corpo fechado. During the funeral ceremony, the berimbau played for his final sleep.

Pastinha died a broken man and bitter about his treatment, but never regretted living the life of a Capoeirista. The concept of lineage is one that is of primary importance to the practitioners of Capoeira Angola.

The story goes that an older and stronger boy from Pastinha’s neighborhood would often bully and beat him up.