Cosmetics & Toiletries Bench Reference | Ready-to-use thickening liquid polymer that thickens instantly in aqueous mediums following neutralization, to produce perfectly clear gel formulas. Capigel Acrylates copolymer: CAPIGEL 98 thickens surfactant media and has good resistance to electrolytes and polar solvents. Ready-to-use thickening liquid polymer.

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Such HSA’s further enhance the oxidizing and capigwl process by swelling the hair fibers to aid both the diffusion of the peroxide and dyeing agents into the hair and enabling faster, more thorough dye oxidization and hair dyeing.

For instance the water-soluble ingredients can be added to a proportion of the water at the start of the making process at ambient temperature, and allowed to dissolve. The phosphate ester compound preferably comprises a mixture of monoester phosphates of alkoxylated fatty alcohols containing from about 12 to about 22 carbon atoms with diester phosphates of non-alkoxylated fatty alcohols containing capifel about 12 to about 22 carbon atoms.

Composition comprising at least one fatty substance and at least one surfactant comprising ethylene oxide, dyeing or lightening process using it and devices therefor. In this case, all three compositions can be mixed immediately before use and applied together, or the content of the third container can be applied after an optional rinse step as a post-treatment immediately after the oxidative dye or bleaching composition resulting from the mixture of the other containers.

For example, it was found that they could replace usual thickening agents such as acrylate copolymers for providing a suitable rheology to a bleaching composition, with the added benefit of providing better lightening to the bleached hair for the same amount of oxidizing agent.

Bleaches are also used during oxidative dyeing treatments.

Liquid Polymer

The following examples further describe and demonstrate the preferred embodiments within the scope of the present invention. Preferred hair-swelling agents for adjusting the capiggel of peroxide hair oxidizing compositions are aqueous alkaline solutions containing ammonia ammonium hydroxide or monoethanolamine MEA. Both cream components can be manufactured as described above.

After working the mixture a few minutes to insure uniform application to all of the hair capibel, the oxidative dye composition is allowed to remain on the hair for an amount sufficient for the dyeing acpigel take place usually about 30 minutes. A controlled cooling and optional shearing process to form an emulsion pre-mix is then completed. They are sufficiently small to diffuse in the hair shaft where, once activated cpaigel an oxidizing agent such capigwl hydrogen peroxide, they further react with other precursors to form larger colored complexes.


Composition comprising at least one fatty substance and at least one cationic polymer, dyeing or lightening process using it and devices therefor. The information presented here was acquired by UL from the producer of the product or material or original information provider.

Ready-to-use composition for the oxidation dyeing of keratin fibers comprising at least one fatty substance, at least one oxidation chosen from 4,5-diaminopyrazoles and acid addition salts thereof, at least one additional dye precursor other than the caapigel least one oxidation base, at least one oxidizing agent, and optionally at least one alkaline agent, and processes and kits therewith. This emulsifier is said to increases the stability of emulsion while increasing the release of the oil component.

This website provides links to other websites owned by third parties. The fatty components including Crodafos RTM and the surfactants are then added to the heated water.

A composition according to claim 5 comprising from about 0. This example illustrates how a phosphate ester compounds such as Crodafos CES RTM can increase the color uptake of oxidative hair dye compositions. Preferably the compositions are in the form of oil-in-water emulsions. Swatches of virgin hair were treated with these compositions in czpigel dyeing conditions and the resulting color was assessed. What is claimed is: The compositions of the present invention preferably further comprise a pH buffering agent.

CAPIGELâ„¢ 98 – Sea-Land Chemical Company

Preferably the ratio of mono- to di-ester phosphates of alkoxylated fatty alcohol is from about Process for lightening direct dyeing or oxidation dyeing in the presence of at least one organic amine, device therefor and anhydrous composition.

FIELD The present invention relates to compositions suitable for bleaching or dyeing hair and methods for bleaching hair or dyeing hair.

The examples are given solely for the purpose of illustration, and are not to be construed as capihel of the present invention since many variations thereof are possible without departing from its spirit and scope. Ready-to-use composition for oxidation dyeing of keratin fibers comprising at least one fatty substance, at least one thickener, at least one dye precursor, at least one oxidizing agent, and at least one alkaline agent, and process and kits therewith.


The following example illustrates a bleaching lightening composition in the form of a kit comprising a lightening cream comprising ammonia and a hydrogen peroxide cream. Process 988 kit for dyeing hair with catechols and a persulfate oxidizing agent.

Oxidizing compositions comprising a chelant and a conditioning agent and methods of treating hair. However, UL assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the information contained on this website and strongly encourages that upon final product or material selection information is validated with the manufacturer. The consumer prepares the bleaching compositions immediately before use by mixing all compositions and applies the mixture on hair as for the oxidative dye composition for an amount of time sufficient for the bleaching to take capige usually about 30 mn.

A composition similar to the composition of Example E was prepared, with the exception that the amount of Cqpigel CES RTM was replaced with a identical amount of water. As people cwpigel older, the production of melanin slows, giving more and more gray hair over time.

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All documents cited in the Detailed Description of the Invention are, are, in relevant part, incorporated herein by reference; the citation of any document is not to be construed as an admission that it is prior art with respect to the present invention. Preferred water-soluble oxidizing agents are inorganic peroxygen materials capable of yielding hydrogen peroxide in an aqueous solution.

Are you a distributor who is interested in being listed here? Dyeing or lightening compositions comprising at least one fatty substance and at least one amphoteric polymer. Oxydative dye composition for keratin fibres comprising a para-aminophenol and dipropylene glycol. Oxidative Hair Dye Precursors []. Examples of oxidizing agents that can be used are hydrogen peroxide, potassium, sodium or ammonium salts of perborate or percarbonate, persulfate and percarbamide.