Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. In , a mysterious, egg-shaped artifact is discovered on Camouflage – Kindle edition by Joe Haldeman. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note. Where Camouflage rises above its swipes is in Joe Haldeman’s crisp and witty writing. But Camouflage is primarily the changeling’s story, from the day it rises. Near-future aliens-among-us yarn, from the author of Forever Free (), etc.

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Scifi published or earlier shapeshifting creature in seaside town kills someone takes their place later prefers being a female human.

I am reading the Nebula Award winning novels in chronological order. Set up a giveaway. Sure, you can wave the Clarke ‘indistinguishable from magic’ quote around to try and help, but it still feels like cheating. However, unbeknown to everyone, the Chameleon haldemqn also at the research site, but it’s on the hunt.

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A little Hispanic and Mafia culture thrown in for spice, and virtual-reality sex in different flavors. It works on the SETI project, then leaves academia for several years to work in the circus, get married, and otherwise learn more about humanity. Superb storytelling and a panoramic view of history recommend this novel to most sf collections.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: The Double Life of Alice B. No, cancel Yes, report it Thanks! Get to Know Us. The title should be at least 4 characters long. It is an entertaining story, and I read all the way to the end to find out what happened – but the characters are barely cardboard cutouts and it reads more like a screenplay.

All his books are entertaining and easily read. I’ve often marveled at how aliens in SF just seem to ccamouflage this innate knowledge to manufacture utterly indestructible substances that cannot even be minutely scratched by the most powerful tools we apply to them. Identity is also on the agenda, particularly gender issues. Inthe artifact answers Jan’s tests by tapping back.


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The story held my interest for almost the length of the book, but it took a surreal turn toward the end, which I am still not sure that I like, so only four stars this time, but I will try at least one more Haldeman book. Once on the Red Haldemwn, however, Carmen realizes things are not so different from Earth.

The Changeling has survived by adapting the forms of many different organisms. I think the main problem with the book is that the author didn’t seem to know where it was going to go. As a recommenda Read the prologue and stop right there. One person found this helpful. The Chameleon destroys anything or anyone that camouflave it.

There’s a vapid movie in the cinemas now [referring to Alien cajouflage.

Generally, the android starts out more or less niave and camouflzge of human nature and gradually learns to emulate humans more accurately. Future Weapons of War. The changeling lives in the ocean for millennia, taking the form of a great white sharkkiller whaleor porpoise while it explores, and it gradually forgets where it came from.

Camouflage : Joe Haldeman :

Camouflage certainly succeeded on slowness but failed on a worthwhile ending. Neither one knows about the other, nor has either’s existence yet been revealed to humanity. This is definitely one of those books I’ll be saving to read again But the inevitable showdown seemed scripted for the big screen, and the ending as contriv Though a compelling read, the end did not deliver.


We also get short snippets of another alien who loves to kill and hurt people and travels to different war zones and catastrophes to make things worse. But The Others have their own plans. Why is it that humans just want to break into things they should probably leave alone? The changeling will remind you of the liquid metal guy in Terminator 2 in one scene it even mimics the floor tilesand the chameleon is roughly similar to a creature in the lesser known 80’s flick The Hidden.

I don’t think there complaints are in the book as much as they are part of the reviewers viewpoint. But they are not of the same race. I can still remember some of those earlier incarnations in the ’50s or so where ‘she’ messed up. Please try again later. Focuses to the point that the evil one almost seems tacked on, and only appears a few times in the book, apparently just to remind you that he’s there, and he’s evil.

Not that I blame him.

We’re waiting for changeling, chameleon, and humans to meet. Of course, if you do read it at the beach, you might think twice about going into the water. The storys track fairly fast and there is minimal character development, but enough. The Ngumi forces are limited to merely human soldiers with a few robots, but our side uses “soldierboys” — almost indestructible war machines run by remote control by soldiers safe underground, hundreds of miles away.

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