Learn more about the Central American woolly opossum – with amazing Central American woolly opossum photos and facts on Arkive. Caluromys derbianus. Central American Woolly Opossum Uwe Speck Panama. Photo by Uwe Speck. The Central American Woolly Opossum is a medium-sized . Central American Woolly Opossum – Caluromys derbianus The Central American Woolly Opossum is without a doubt one of the cutest opossums in Drake Bay.

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Journal of Mammalogy 86 1: You do not currently have access to this article. A tropical Savanna spot.

Posterior base of M4 at the juction with maxila posteriormost point of molar series ; 7: In other words, Central and South America. Their larger size also differentiates them from Alstons woolly mouse opossums.

Derby’s woolly opossum Caluromys derbianusor the Central American woolly opossum[2] is an opossum found in deciduous and moist evergreen forests of Central Americafrom southern Mexico to western Ecuador and Colombia. Chicago, The University of Chicago Press.

Breeding most likely occurs year-round, as pregnant females, pouch young and individuals less than one year of age have been captured throughout the year in western Nicaragua.

Johns Hopkins University Press. Vertebrates Animals with a backbone, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish. Feeding and reproduction of three didelphid marsupials in two Neotropical forests French Guiana.

Derby’s woolly opossum

Diet comprises fruits of pepper vines and Cecropia species, caluormys of the balsa treeMabea occidentalis and Trichanthera giganteasmall invertebrates and vertebrates. Aceramarca gracile mouse opossum Gracilinanus aceramarcae.


Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology Fortunately for everyone involved, there was an all around peaceful outcome to the tense stand-off. Very little information is available specific to Central American derbianuss opossums, however, their close relatives, bare-tailed woolly opossums Caluromys philanderhave been studied extensively and are likely to share similar parental behavior.

Derby’s woolly opossum – Wikipedia

Centroid size is the univariate size variable resulting from the squared-root of sums of the squared distances between each landmark and the centroid of its configuration. Thomas O The geographical races of the woolly opossum Philander laniger.

At home amongst the canopies of rainforest trees, the Central American woolly opossum rarely ever ventures to the ground 4. Competitive release in diets of ocelots Leopardus pardalis and puma Puma concolor after jaguar Panthera onca decline.

The Biology of Carnivorous Marsupials. Clinal variation occurs throughout the range of many mammals Storz et al. Localities were grouped calkromys populations for subsequent analyses, and are labelled accordingly. Posterolateral end of sutures between palateandpterigoyd; 7 and Anterior base of C, at the junction with maxilla; 4: Italian Journal of Zoology 71 1: Despite the fact that subspecies have been recognized for C.

Members of genus Caluromys are relatively long lived for didelphidsliving up to 76 months. French Opossum De Derby. The same is true for Caluromys lanatuswhich can be separated into two distinct morphologic units, Caluromys lanatus ochropusfrom the Amazon and Cerrado, and Caluromys lanatus lanatusfrom the Atlantic forest.

Central American woolly opossum videos, photos and facts – Caluromys derbianus | Arkive

Glossary Arboreal An animal which lives or spends a large amount of time in trees. Share on Facebook Tweet Send email. Anteriormost point of the sutures of nasal and premaxilla; Central American woolly opossum conservation The Central American edrbianus opossum occurs in several protected areas 1but there derbianks no known specific conservation measures in place for this elusive, nocturnal tree-dweller.


The world of butterflies and skippers is fascinating, and we were happy to share it with our guests in Panama! Pending this, we suggest that caluromyd available caluromyd Caluromys derbianus Waterhouse, is maintained for all individuals across the geographic distribution of its populations.

Our results suggest that the available name, Caluromys derbianusshould be maintained for all individuals throughout the geographic range of the species. Alroy J, Hunt G Eds. Posterolateral base of I5; 13 and The IUCN classifies this opossum as least concern. Email alerts New issue alert. Endothermy is a synapomorphy of the Mammalia, although it may have arisen in a now extinct synapsid ancestor; the fossil record does not distinguish these possibilities.

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Recent Research, New Perspectives. Using geometric morphometrics we analyzed specimens of C. While the Central American woolly opossum reportedly breeds during the dry season from January to June in most of Central America, in Nicaragua it is believed to breed year-round 2. Anterior base of squamosal process; 9 and