Well, it’s been a couple of months since my first post above and I’ve been flying my Calmato Sports pretty regularly. It’s a really easy flyer and. Kyosho CALMATO ALPHA 40 SPORTS – BLUE (EP/GP), Sussex Model Centre, ARTF Low Wing Trainer. My favourite sport plane came to a violent end last week thanks to a tree and I have the Calmato 40 trainer that flys well and is quite agile and.

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When its time to graduate from a beginner trainer, the next step could be this stylish low wing sports plane. Hi all, I crashed my Calmato Sport 40 and here I can not find the fuselage spare parts. Kyosho Fuselage Wood Wings: Find More Posts by Fastsky. Find More Posts by jckck.

The covering on mine hasn’t shown any real problems, but that might have something to do with my standard assembly method. My favourite sport plane came to a violent end last week thanks to a tree and I’ve been looking at a replacement.

Out of Stock undecided. Although you may be eager for that P or Extra acrobat, they are very unforgiving, and inexperienced pilots can get in trouble very quickly. Can be separated for transport. Advanced glow fuel resistant Toughlon film covering is more resistant to wrinkling and sagging than normal PVC film. Be the first to review this product. Here are a couple of pictures I took last year when mine was new. Includes pre-assembled fuel tank. Delivery costs are calculated at checkout depending on destination and order contents.



Designed for the calm control ideal for newcomers to low wing airplanes. Coopz Yadtech Heavy Industries Ltd. Spodts I was assembling it, I noticed right away that the main landing gear struts were incorrectly shaped. If your struts are “flat” it’s fairly easy to bend them to place the wheels aft of the CG.

Check out the threads for similar comments. The very attractive tinted canopy is held in place by four screws. Place the battery under the fuel tank, and this bring the CG to the correct location without any added weight.

Please inform me as soon as the product is available again. Separate the wing halves for easy transportation. The design of tricycle geared airplanes is well understood by almost everyone.

And I fly it off grass.

Sign-up now to stay informed! Add to wish list. Find Aports Posts by Sherman. Convertible design allows either electric motor or glow fuel engine to be used as power source.

At least thats been my experience.

I have not flown mine 400 yet, needs only a few minor upgraded parts like screw-lock connector and an antennae retention clip as I am not happy with the antennae being taped to the side of the fuse It’s been flown every week since, maybe 3 days a week on average. Sorry about the landing gear.

Starting with grain and finishing with grain. Brutus The great Brutifier. For example, all flight surfaces were already mounted as well as the fuel tank and engine mount. They would have wrinkled out in the sun, so I figure I’m saving myself some time. The lightweight design realizes calm controllability.

The Sports looks good, and like the Trainer 40, it is well built and light. Factory assembled fuselage also has difficult to manage fuel tank lines installed. Tricycle landing gear allows stable landings and takeoffs. I can’t believe your rods were that tight that you had to go through with changing the whole pushrod system!!!


In addition, the model is already assembled by the manufacturer and the construction ensures that no bonding is required. And every one of those has had at least a few wrinkles that show up as the iron moves along. I’m also really interested in hearing how the Kyo ME build goes for you.

Again, the wheels are attached at the factory. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of spirts website. Apply the neat instrument panel decal and canopy trim tape both supplied and add a pilot figure from The World Models. Any one has a drawing of Calmato 40 Sport? The stability with optimal manoeuvrability splrts low wingers to fly stunts like loops and rolls.

Kyosho Calmato 40 Sports anyone? – RCU Forums

Just didn’t want something too hot for an entry low-wing and my first experience with one. Basically, the airplane got some bad press in the other threads. Kyosho specializes in the RC Car and Truck industry, where they are world reknown since by race teams in the 1: Discussion Kyosho Calmato 40 sports still a good plane?