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The Indoor-program calculates the light distribution based on the reflection factors, the specific Philips luminaires and light sources that are applied, and the room dimensions.

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The centre point of the dimension of the application field is included, giving: You can also include a summary of your findings and recommendations about the best lighting solutions. This coefficient is defined as the ratio of the luminance at a point to the horizontal illuminance at the same point as obtained from a single luminaire: I just tried and it works nice. For Road Luminance, observers will be placed automatically depending on the number of lanes.

Arrangement Definition For the definition of a Point Arrangement, the following parameters have to be set: Using caldulux person as an observer enables you to calculate the veiling luminance he experiences upon his eyes. Maximum intensity towards observers Calculux allows you to calculate the intensity I for each luminaire in the direction of an observer, and in addition, the maximum Imax of these intensity values.

In this way it is possible to view the value of the aiming angles while the used aiming type is XYZ aiming or aiming clculux while the used aiming type is RBA aiming. This provides the customer with contact details, should they need to consult you over the contents of the report.

The surfaces in the grid points, used in the calculation, are orientated towards the Y positive Z direction.

Lighting installations can be evaluated for obtrusive light by using the following quality figures: The other attributes can be set individually. If new R-tables are added they must have the extension RTB. Edvard Mar 20, This is especially useful when a few grid points at ares edge of an application field or next to a generated shape must be excluded for calculation by Calculux. These points will be evenly spread over the surface of Calculux Area – 3.


The use of X-symmetry implies that the obstacle will be placed symmetrically on the X-axis. There is no arrangement rule for defining the number of luminaires and their positions. Old files may be overwritten during installation and downward compatibility is not guaranteed. For the definition of an obstacle, the following parameters qrea to calculkx set: To create the required luminous flux distribution in your design you’ll need to define a new orientation for the luminaire.

Calculux area 7.0 download

Polygonal shapes can be set as inbound or outbound. Please send the light design software.

In some situations Calculux automatically places default observers. Conversion of the aiming presentation type does not change the aiming type! Block obstacle For the definition of a Block obstacle, the following parameters have to be set: Obstacles are positioned and oriented in the 3-D XYZ coordinate system. For each luminaire, details about housing, light distributors, colour, lamps arra luminous flux intensity are presented on screen in a logical, step-by-step way so that choosing a suitable luminaire for an application is easy.

Calculux Area

arex When defining a polygonal grid, the shapes function enables the possibility to create a form that excludes grid points from the calculation. If you don’t want this and it does happen, click on the Cancel button and the action will be undone. A Block obstacle is defined using the parameters given below: All attributes, except the luminaire positions can be changed.

Application fields can be used to graphically mark the area of interest for lighting calculations. The area covered by the outbound of the shape will be excluded from the calculations. Lines within a polygon must not cross each other.


A 70m B The centre point of the dimension of the application field is not included, giving: The surfaces in the grid points, used in the calculation, are orientated towards the Y negative X direction. Irregular grids can be very useful when local recommendation require calculations to be performed on points of a field that lay outside a rectangular arrangement.

Frequently used grids corresponding to the built in application fields can be automatically generated by setting a calculation grid default for each application field.

The orientation is defined by the normal vector on the surface. Project Luminaire Type If a project contains two or more luminaire types you will need to select the required luminaire type. Insert observer as a player to calculate the glare rating on it or even as a camera to calculate the vertical luminance on it. This parameter refers to the vertical distance above each generated grid point. For more details contact the supplier of your package.

When you Ungroup a luminaire arrangement, the luminaires are no longer part of an arrangement but individual luminaires. Sairam May 11, Coordinates can be entered using the dialogue box. The user cannot change or delete these pre- defined shapes, but can duplicate or add a shape. Inbound C A B The default setting for the arc shape is inbound for creating segments up to a full circle. Calculux is a software tool which can help lighting designers select and evaluate lighting systems. However, for some calculations, such as surface illuminance and luminance it is not always obvious and therefore becomes necessary to define the default side of the grid.