Cadkey in as a trainer for CADL and wrote the first CADKEY Tutor, an interactive on-line tutorial that guides the user through 2D and 3D design and layout. Some are CADKEY-specific, but all work well with CAD KEY in a design! . The tutorial approach used in this manual helps new users get up to speed quickly at . Specifically designed for first-time CADKEY users with little or no experience. Practical, easy-to-follow exercises introduce the basic tools used in CADKEY 98, .

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I used it to sharpen my skills with ZW3D. I recently upgraded to a Quad core 2 pc running Windows 7. Many have quit training their employees. Maybe when you get back you can try to duplicate what’s happening.

CADKEY Tutorial – 3D Wireframe Modeling

I removed it cdkey I went to SSD in replacement of my hard drive. Create Blank file and start all drawings with it. They were purchased by PTC in Thanks for taking the time to help me with this problem. Advanced 3d with Viewports.

With the help of previous posts I was able to adjust screen size and now have circles displayed round and not eliptical.

I would have user groups with an attendance of 20 to 30 people. Cadkry have an old pentium based laptop that I’ve been using for years to draw, program, and post process files for my Bostomatic Not for faint at heart.

Perhaps cadoey issue is with the video settings. Can anyone show a better example of what happens when an apprentice based profession is dumped into ‘formal education’ format, without any sort of a transition plan? Cursor tracking still follows the missing cursor though.


While we will help tutodial get started we are not equipped at this price to teach you 3D CAD from scratch or engineering design. We would have a one week class every month with anywhere from 10 to 20 students. With Autodesk only offering subscriptions sales. This is not training, just help getting through the few commands or concepts.

They had a manual that was accompanied by a cassette tape. If you have any ideas on the cursor, it would be greatly appreciated. It was 3D wireframe and I was up and running in two weeks of lunch hours.

Another good one for beginners. All other cursor functions seem normal and functional.

Moldcore, I tried what has been suggested and still have this issue with the cursor disapearing. Tuforial became very proficient and soon added the hat of trainer, but never in an official position. That is the only place where productivity is paramount. Solid modeling was well in place.

Cudacountry Cadkey Tutorials

When moving the cursor it disappears in this area and reappears as the pointer when it exits the drawing area. Will drain plotter pens. Home Page Minimum requirements are here: I have found a few that do use these techniques and wonder why they are so much faster with their work. CADKEY was much different than Autocad, besides being 3D, it was mechanical engineering based, designed for those experienced designing on the drafting board where we would slide triangles, parallel bars, drafting machines.

  ASTM 2096 PDF

Many of the community colleges have taken on the popular programs, mostly Solidworks and Autocad. Soon there were very successful dealers with wonderful training facilities.

I have coined two design processes that I have found I use as compared to the conventional sketching and modeling practices used by the Solidworks and Fusion users in the multiple exercises. Right click on the desk top and pick personalize.

So we now have budding engineers moving into the profession without the knowledge or experience of drafting, the drawing or form, fit and function design. Drive Train for Boat. Does this match the larger monitor? Today, 3D CAD is quickly becoming the tool of the design engineer.

Tjtorial is a great assembly to work with. Solidworks soon became the most popular mechanical design 3D CAD system. Sadly, Autocad was basically free, not having copy protection and many took advantage of it, until Autodesk started cracking down.

After this tutorial, design your own CadKey plane and build balsa or foam models.

CADKEY Tutorial – Creating a Title Block and Border Line

But again, the die was cast for many companies, they were stuck with Autocad, and many still are. It was very straight forward we took their drafting knowledge and moved it to 3D CAD cwdkey and moved the documentation to the end of the design process.

You were right I was running Windows 7 home edition.