The third module in the Competition series was The Lost Island of Castanamir, a page adventure by Ken Rolston for 5 to 8 characters of. The Lost Island of Castanamir By Ken Rolston TSR. This review is of a PDF Copy of this product. This review contains spoilers. I decided. AD&D C3 Level Adventure – The Lost Island of Castanamir – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Castanamir.

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At first glance, The Lost Island of Castanamir looks rather impressive. However, many of the greatest TSR modules began life as tournament adventures, proving that it was very much possible to create a good adventure within the confines of the tournament criteria. Washed ashore with the flotsam, you seek shelter but find none save a quiet trapdoor descending into the heart of Castanamir’s Island.

Right away the tone of the adventure is therefore set.

AD&D Review – C3: The Lost Island of Castanamir

The biggest offender here are the gingwatzim, creatures from the ethereal plane that Castanamir was experimenting with, where quite an interesting concept is undermined by the silly naming conventions Rolston used. The characters are encouraged by a young scholarly mage to voyage into the Sea of Pastures, to explore a mysterious island connected with a number of recent shipwrecks and disappearances. There are a few oddities, clearly added to challenge or merely delay a tournament group who are playing to a time limit.

Dark Sun Dark Sun: A small, white dog yapping at one of them. In this scenario, the adventurers pass through magical portals into a series of interlinked chambers.

C3 – The Lost Island of Castanamir

Yes, a small white dog. The island is grassy and windblasted, but eventually the characters discover a stone door leading into a subterranean complex. Also within the building are a number of extraplanar creatures, collectively known as gingwatzim, who can shift between various forms: The setting is a remote, rocky island, the party are stranded ,ost and have found an entrance leading to possible shelter. Submitted by Migrate Wizard on Islands of the Undead Legion. Rise of the Runelords [ITA].


A Dance with Rogues Part Two. Dark Avenger Chapter 1. On passing islad the entrance they find themselves in a clean, tidy Living Room – meticulously so, as a small metal Cleaning Golem beetles back and forth zapping dirt with its disintegration ray. The “C” in the module code represents the first letter in the word “competition,” the name of C1 – C6 module series.

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The Lost Island of Castanamir – Wikipedia

You can go back through a same door and it will take you to somewhere completely different. The adventure does have good encounters in it, but I find that a lot of the ideas are good inspiration for the DM but not so good in actual play. This page was last edited on 20 Januaryat Eventually the characters may find the exit, and are once again deposited on the dreary islands to await rescue.

Far as I can tell about scripting events, I did not experiment enough with all the rooms as I wanted to find the exit immediately this island was really nightmarish. Most of these rooms have been ransacked by a variety of other survivors, human and monstrous. Losr is complicated by the wizard having set up his home so that each room so that each door works as a one-way teleporter; going back through the door they just passed loet will not lead back to the room they originally came from!

Some of the rooms are very detailed — the library gets over one page. Each encounter area is linked by a series of teleport portals which is likely to be frustrating initially, as ‘returning the way you came in’ is no simple matter.

Castanamir was an 18 th level magic-user, and his dwelling-place is being explored by a group of apprentice adventurers? Conan Thw 2 – The Zamorian Chronicles.


The teleporters also have issues; may have to do with outdated scripting. Views Read Edit View history.

The design goal commonly led to the adventures being somewhat disjointed in feel, with little care being given to the sense of realism demanded by an adventure intended for campaign play. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. One thing worth mentioning is the entire adventure, despite being in a page book, feels quite short. Curse of the Wailing Death Prelude. The cover art is a full page image depicting a bizarre and terrifying creature seemingly emerging from a pool as the party nervously clutch their weapons, but what’s that at the bottom?

Most of the locations fit the theme quite well, with the lower level ieland living quarters, a kitchen, a dining room, guest rooms, and some ‘entertainment’ areas, and the upper level being mainly laboratories, a library, workshops, etc.

Castanair it was the intent of the module, but exits transition you to any place at random. From Wikipedia, the castanamr encyclopedia. The Keep of Shadowfell and Thunderspire Labrynth.

These survivors are likewise trapped within the labyrinth and are either eking out a miserable existence there or else desperately searching for a means of escape. How do you rate this content?: There, they discover 18 rooms linked by secret passages and magical portals.

A theme I see crop up time and time again on RPG forums is one of what subjects are, and are not, acceptable in ‘modern’ gaming grou I had fun playing it. Search form Search this site.

Review – C3 Lost Island of Castanamir. The Exile – IceBlink. Bloodright – The Blood Royal.