Highfield Patrol je jedan od rijetkih gumenjaka s. Motorni brodovi | Burza nautike nautički informativno oglasni portal. Gumenjaci | Burza nautike nautički informativno oglasni portal.

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Reactions to helm shifting are current and direction changes can be made without any inclination, which is little bit unnatural, because of the weight and height of the boat, especially when you consider such maneuvers we performed at full burz. Cabin in the bow area is done in the semicircle shape. Boat comes to a maximum of 3, rpm and a speed of Quality has the price, and in this case is fully justified.

However, to make it clear, it is certain that you will not accidentally replace these two models, but will just surely recognize the designer’s signature, main characteristic of this Croatian shipyard. burzw

Leidi Vessels – Reviews – Leidi – Lady From High Society

Our experience with this fantastic boat can be simply illustrated by the fact that Marsel Brkic, owner of the shipyard, had to show us twice documentation that boat hull length is no more than nautime meters. Entrance to the salon is done great, because nice and luxurious wooden doors made of four wings can be completely opened.

By this we get very comfortable space for service personnel. It is the engine with direct injection and variable bautike turbine VGT. Without exaggeration we can say it is on highest level. If we consider that, the basic laws of ergonomics on boat says that less is always more, it becomes clear what efforts should be made to put this seven meters boat in the eight meters class.


First of all we must point out something that will absolutely delight all potential customers, and this is the quality of production and finishing. Test model with fair discount was 95, euros, also with VAT.

Nautički oglasno informativni portal | Burza Nautike

What mostly attracts attention is the roof of the upper cabin built in light brown color and body, with integrated solar panels, handrails, navigation lights, antenna and horn. If you ask yourself: Worth mentioning are numerous small windows already installed on the hull, they look very nice, and provide a lot of light.

Round hatchway on the roof and few small windows on both sides have eased little bit harsh lines. Height of this boat is higher than average in this class, so we were a bit worried about how the boat will react on lateral waves, but it seems that all the deficiencies were compensated with greater width of the vessel, so we could not find larger drawbacks with these sea conditions. In addition to a multitude of indicators and switches control panel is equipped with Simrad multifunction navigation device, controls for the anchor, flaps controls and controls for the winch with chain counter.

It is very clear, with logically arranged and easily accessible controls.

Rectangular cockpit in every corner has one bench. Cockpit has two large side storages for deck equipment, while in the central repository space is a place for buckles and shafting maintenance. So, with a total weight of about four tons we headed on a minimum – rpm and for a moment we reached full four knots with the fuel consumption of just 1.


That is why, considering good sales buraa and increasing demands on the market, idea of making larger models imposed by itself.

Burza Nautike 100% Elektro

Space for engine is shifted to the salon area, so it can be easily accessed by raising part of the salon and floor covering. During the test on boat were five people, which should be added also liters bjrza oil and hundred liters of water.

Regardless of all the qualities this boat offers with its interior, we could not wait to sail out to see Leidi at sea. There is no leaning of the boat or requirement for correction with the helm.

Then, why Leidi in the name has the number ? While we were looking at the boat, engine has warmed up and it was time for boarding. It becomes clear what kind of vessel actually is. Although this is a strong aggregate, we must mention that engine drives really heavy boat, because Leidi with this engine, empty water containers and fuel has 3, kg. In addition, we have functional and spacious saloon. With this, entire cockpit is fully connected nauyike the salon.

We can conclude that Leidi shipyard done a great job.