Buried Treasure and Transmogrify Treasure-and-Transmogrify Author: Rienna Hawkes Rating: M!!. Buried Treasure and Transmogrify Treasure-and-Transmogrify Buried Treasure and Transmogrify. MULTI-CHAPTER (IN PROGRESS). A Different Kind of Magic by unjellify. Advent by jamesthestagwhore. Buried Treasure and Transmogrify by.

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i’d rather be fighting you anyway

View From the Astronomy Tower 8. Was any of it true? He had known that her distain was the price of his choice, but someday she would come back to him. The handwriting was as familiar to her as her own. Yes, thank you SiriusLily thought. He didn’t seem surprised to see her. Lily shot her a look as she passed the deck back to Pilar. He was still attracted to her, but he hadn’t asked for a single date and he had barely flirted.

The alcohol had stripped away all of her inhibitions and pride, and without them, she was giddy just to sit next to him at a card table. We were fashionably late an hour ago. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to call you James. Her preference of him to other blokes had been just a well-reasoned conjecture before tonight, but now there was undeniable proof.

Lily had forgotten her completely. Her thumb, stroking the back of his hand absently, brushed something beneath his sleeve. James didn’t mind the Moss obsession with liquor and cards overmuch—he quite liked those things himself—but he didn’t take kindly to each party having its own fashion palette.


Careless by suchastart Wilhelmina Willoughby. Every time she opens her mouth I want to break something. Melody joined in with her own irritating laugh, and Lily wasn’t able to hold her straight face for long.

It was…so much more than she had predicted. I stole it, I get to open it.

Her hands slid between their bodies and she moved them up his torso. This year, however, the trend seemed to be Muggle couture. He couldn’t—Severus was too empirical to lose sight of logic, let alone discard it completely, and yet he seemed serious. She nearly jumped out of her skin when a hand touched her arm. Apparently he had not shaved today, and Lily trembled just thinking of the way it would feel on her lips, cheeks, and neck if he kissed her.

You Me At Six by dbanjeezeez.

Some Fics To Drown Your Jily Feels In

Sirius had a point there, though James still leaned toward his hunch. Yet James had failed to follow this simplest of rules. She knew how hard he was, yet now he looked so fragile, so defenseless. It was silly that she should be startled to see him—she had known he treashre be at this meeting, but there was something about Severus that seemed to jump out at her even when she was looking directly at him.


King of the Forest 6. Mess at Midnight by thegirlwiththeradishearrings.

Then you can give them all cushy early evening rounds. Well the real answer is that I love Burief era fan fiction, but I was always restlessly searching for the story that tdeasure hit all the bases and talk about all the things I found interesting. Turning to James he spoke quietly, though everyone heard.

It displayed a stationary Lily who couldn’t be more than eight or nine, a blonde girl he supposed was her sister, tranzmogrify two parents. It was at that, though he thought the girl greatly improved it. His eyes went a little wide and then settled, a smile splitting his face. She gripped his arm to steady herself. His lips were too thin, but appeared soft and were surrounded by comely, rough-looking stubble. She looked rumpled and wild, and she was certainly willing.

She would never forgive him, something he’d known even before taking his vows.