Tipitaka Sutta Pitaka Digha Nikaya Silakkhandha-vagga Brahmajala Sutta ( DN 1) Contents[show] The Setting Thus have I heard: Once the Lord was. I found a copy of the sutta at the MettaNet – Lanka public domain Tipitaka web site. This is a wonderful resource, but the English translation was done by T. W. While others may praise or criticize the Buddha, they tend to focus on trivial details. The Buddha presents an analysis of 62 kinds of wrong view, seeing through.

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The Small Section on Moral Discipline [ 13 ] 8 – And it may happen that some being falls from that realm and arises in this world. The stage of neither consciousness nor unconsciousness which the Bodhisatta had attained under Uddaka Ramaputta was a very subtle state of mind and therefore the Bodhisatta instinctively felt that the highest goal was not yet reached.

And then one being, from exhaustion of his life-span or of his merits, falls from the Abhassara world and arises in the empty Brahma-palace.

Brahjajala using the modern version anyway. Suttta, too, I was named this, my clan was that, I looked like this, and that was my food. This is the way in which the self is completely annihilated. This includes reading the marks of gems, cloth, clubs, swords, spears, arrows, weapons, women, men, boys, girls, male and female bondservants, elephants, horses, buffaloes, bulls, cows, goats, rams, chickens, quails, monitor lizards, rabbits, tortoises, or deer.

In brief the future conditions of the soul have been discussed under three heads namely—1. The world doesn’t create new souls and therefore, the souls are living in an eternal cycle of death and rebirth, differing only in name, location, and time.

Brahmajala Sutta (Theravada)

If I felt attachment, that would distress me, and if I were distressed, that would be a hindrance to me. And it might well be, monks, that some being on his falling from that state, should come to this world.


There is none beside.

Is this sutta not part of some Buddhist cultures? So it is not appropriate to sutya “Mahasila” to normal people and Buddha said “Mahasila” intended to apply Sanga and person who joins Sanga many times in Silakkhandha Vagga. Since he does not view it in the wrong way, he realizes by himself the extinction of defilements i.

When perception arises they pass away from that group of gods.

September Learn how and when to remove this template message. He comes to the following conclusion, beaten out by his argumentations, and based on his sophistry: This includes running errands for rulers, ministers, aristocrats, brahmins, householders, or princes who say: I can’t say it’s true because I don’t know and I can’t deny it’s true because I don’t know. Extraordinary indeed, Venerable Sir!

Now it may well be, monks, that a being, on falling from that state, should come to this world; and having come to this world he might go forth from the household life into the homeless state. This includes such topics as talk about kings, bandits, and ministers; talk about armies, threats, and wars; talk about food, drink, clothes, and beds; talk about garlands and fragrances; talk about family, vehicles, villages, towns, cities, and countries; talk about women eutta heroes; street talk and well talk; talk about the departed; motley talk; tales of land and sea; and talk about being reborn in this or that state of existence.

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. One under the influence of Nescience cannot know the Truth. Brahmajla ascetics and brahmins who assert the ultimate extinguishment of an existing being in the present life do so on one or other of these five grounds. So I have heard. The ascetic Gotama refrains from such gambling. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


And brahmajaa fall from that place.

He speaks in season, speaks what is factual, what is in accordance with the goal, the Dhamma, and the Discipline.

There is another self that is divine, physical, sensual, consuming solid food. And I don’t say it is not, and I don’t not say it is not. They spend too much time gazing at each other, so they grow angry with each other, and their bodies and minds brxhmajala tired.

Brahmajala Sutta | Wikipitaka – The Completing Tipitaka | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The Large Section on Moral Discipline [ 13 ] ‘Whereas some priests and contemplatives, living off food given in faith, maintain themselves by wrong livelihood, by such lowly arts as: The Eternalists held the view that the soul and the world are eternal, giving birth to nothing new, is steadfast as a mountain peak and is as a pillar firmly fixed.

They simply arise spontaneously. I found a copy of the sutta at the MettaNet – Lanka public domain Tipitaka web site. The medium section contains a number of moral precepts in the form of certain practices and occupations followed by some schools of brahmins and monks. Because of his dullness and stupidity, when he is questioned he resorts to evasive statements and wriggles like an eel: All articles of CBE. And the beings who were reborn there later also think: Uddham aghatanika asanni vada 3.

These are the principles—deep, hard to see, hard to understand, peaceful, sublime, beyond the scope of reason, subtle, comprehensible to the astute—which the Realized One makes known after realizing them with his own insight.

Wrong view number 7: And those who do so, all of them, do so in one or other of these eighteen ways.