Exposition of the Sutra of Brahma’s Net. Edited and Translated by A. Charles Muller. Published by the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. Distributed by the. At that time, he contemplated the wonderful Jewel Net hung in Lord Brahma’s palace and preached the Brahma Net Sutra for the Great Assembly. He said. SÅ«tra of the Brahma Net: Rocana Buddha Pronounces the Chapter on the Bodhisattva Precepts Arising from the Mind Ground. Translated from Sanskrit into .

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Later in fascicle 1, and in fascicle 2, His world is called the Lotus Flower Store, and 1, flowers are mentioned instead of 1, petals. These precepts came to be treated in China as a higher ethic a monk would adopt after ordinationin addition to the monastic rules. It also states ten major precepts for Bodhisattvas Chinese: When in the home of an almsgiver or a dignitary, to expound the Dharma, one should not stra before branmajala, but should be seated high.

Each flower supports a hundred million worlds; in each world a Sakyamuni Buddha appears. He must not create the causes, conditions, methods or karma of slander. I vow not to give way to anger and to be harmonious.

Thus, according to the law of Twelve Related Chain of Cause and Effects Pratitya-samutpada brahmaja,a, the people who believe in one of many of these sixty-two beliefs, will end up brahmauala round cycle of sufferings; as they have not found the truth on the cease of sufferings.


If not, one should continue to repent for fourteen or twenty-one days, or even one year. BB renders this “rationalist”, which is somewhat misleading. There are, monks, certain Devas called Corrupted in Mind.

Nor should one serve as an agent for thieves. He must not create the causes, conditions, methods, or karma of praising himself and sutda others. Here, monks, a certain ascetic or Brahmin has by means of effort attained to such a state of mental concentration that he recalls ten, twenty, thirty, forty periods of contraction and expansion. This page was last edited on 26 Septemberat Several scholars assume that it was suutra in East Asia by unknown authors in the mid-5th century, and is apocryphal.

In the first part, the Buddha elaborates precepts that made people praise him or the Sangha as worthy of reverence.

Brahma Net Sutra – Dhamma Wiki

For here is the wanderer Suppiya finding fault in all sorts of ways with the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha, while his surta Brahmadatta in various ways defends them. Views Read View source View history. You all should accept and uphold [this chapter], read and recite it, and train single-mindedly.

He avoids using high or wide beds.

Buddha Sutras

Having gone forth, he by means of effort, exertion, application, earnestness and right attention attains to such a degree of mental concentration that he thereby recalls his last existence, but recalls none before that. They are also called Bodhisattva precepts because Bodhisattvas observe them in order to attain Buddhahood. The proponents of these faiths proposed that Nibbana’s state of bliss could be attained in the current life.


He eats once a day and not at night, refraining from eating at improper times. Having arisen in this world, he goes forth braymajala the household life into homelessness. Seeking offerings in this manner, without lovingkindness or filial dutifulness for others, is called making vicious demands or outrageous demands.

Renderings vary from “interest” through “zest” to “rapture”.

In the low grade is to accept them before the images of Buddhas and holy Bodhisattvas after receiving a good sign. If you were to be angry or displeased at such disparagement, that would only be a hindrance to you.

Brahmajala Sutta (Theravada)

These kind of beliefs have four origins:. I vow not to slander the three jewels Buddha, dharma, sangha. Views Read View source View history. To this multitude I again pronounce the ten endless precepts contained in the precept store.


A Buddha’s disciple shall not himself speak ill of the Triple Jewel or encourage others to do so. This page was last edited on 19 Octoberat On what basis, on what grounds do they do so?

Here, an ascetic or Brahmin is dull and stupid. If I kill them and eat them, in effect I kill my parents and myself.