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Los reepte 2 cm-deegrand rondom oop. Dit klou nie meer aan jou hande vas nie en die deeg is sag en plyable. Verf elke deegsirkel met gesmelte botter en sprinkel van die gerookte soutvlokkies en die kaasmengsel bo-oor. If you think you need a bit more liquid, add a bit of water. You can also do this step on the stove in your kitchen. Pour all the sherry that the boerewors was swimming in into the pan or potjie with the onion and garlic and bring to the boil.

You need a flat surface, that can handle very high heat. You want the cheese to melt and the bread to toast. We are always trying out new ideas and tastes to reinvent this incredible food item. Place the kneaded dough in a lightly greased plastic bag or in a lightly greased bowl covered with a damp tea towel and allow to rise for about an hour, or until it has doubled in volume. During the collection of recipes for the book Shisanyama, I received a number of versions of baked and braaied potatoes with cheese.


Heat the oil in your potjie and fry the onion and garlic for a few minutes. Posted in RecipesVegetarian Leave a comment. Also note that I make this risotto in my own way, you first make a soup full of flavour, then add the risotto rice, and then let it simmer until thick and creamy. Smeer die bak met olie sodat deeg nie vassit. Sny in vierkantige blokkies en laat rys. Onions take longer to cook than garlic, so always fry onions before adding the garlic.


Now spread a layer of chutney, then your beef patty, topped with tomatoes, onions and cheese. Fry the garlic and ginger for 1 minute. Prepare your burgers by placing sauce at the bottom of the bun, then a cheese patty on top of the sauce, followed then by another cheese patty, and then more sauce if you want.

Waar ons almal hou van kosmaak en bak! Slice the rolls and spread cream cheese onto the bottom half of each roll. Put the lid on your potjie and bake the banana bread with the potjie on a stand on medium-hot coals, with some coals on top of the lid as well.

Ek het ook al ander vulsels ingesit en dis heerlik! Again, this is something we can solve by simply not closing them with another piece of bread, thereby upping our ratio of meat to bread. Submit Recipe If you have an good image to accompany your recipe, please email it to with the name of your recipe as the subject of the email.

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Dit is baie lekker saam met braaivleis. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. During the final minutes of the braai, toast the insides of the cut and buttered rolls on the grid over the coals for bonus points. Ons het dit in die mikrogolf warm gemaak net voor ete 9. Jy kan sommer by die hardewarewinkel dowel sticks koop as jy nie seker is van die aard van die bome in jou tuin nie. Meng alles saam en gooi in gesmeerde pannetjie.

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Divide your mince into 8 heaps, do not handle the meat too much. And then your last resort will just be to chop everything really finely and mix together. Prepare your sauce first: Do not discard the sherry. Put one mushroom on each prepared roll and crumble feta cheese over braaivlfis. Sny die broodjie in skywe nie dwarsdeur nie trek die broodjies bietjie oop en gooi die eier en melk mengsel oor die broodjie en in die half oopgesnyde snytjies.


No dust the tops of these potato scoops with more maize meal. The base of this cocktail is then inspired and used in reesepte recipe.

What is your favourite cut of steak? Sny hoenderborsies in stukkies en plaas op spinasie. Voeg die res van die room en suiker by. Spread the butter on the outsides of your bread. You are welcome to use any type of firm white fish, even left over snoek from your braai can work. Boerewors was an easy solution to this.

Put the marinated boerewors skewers in a hinged grid, close the grid and braai over hot coals for about 8 minutes until done. Plaas op ‘n gesmeerde plaat of rooster oor kole. Arrange the slices of baguette on a platter and give each piece some of the sherry and onion sauce.

Laat pan vol rys. Cover the chicken breast with the cling film and start hitting the meat gently, making sure they are even and the same thickness all over. Druk die twee snye styf op mekaar vas. Growwe sout en peper na smaak 3 eetl olyfolie gr gerookte spek gewone resspte sal ook reg wees 1 eetl paprika 1 tl koljander 2 tl koemein.

Braai them for 3 minutes with the bottom black side facing downwards. Maak n Las van Andries Krogman se resepteboek.

So much so that at that young and inexperienced age I embarked on a rfsepte and development project to recreate that dish at home. Mix it lightly together and cover with the lid.