Learn how to escape the tight, often limiting confines of “box” scale patterns. FIGURE 1A applies this concept to the G minor pentatonic scale. How to Hack the Five Pentatonic Scale Shapes. Learn how to use the five pentatonic box shapes in real-time soloing over a groove or song. Learn to play beginner guitar scales using these easy lessons to speed you towards guitar mastery fast. Part 2.

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The second scale shape pentatonicche start with your second finger on the 5th fret of our 6th string. If we take the notes in our major pentatonic scale, and start on the 6th scale degree of the major scale, you’ll be playing in the relative minor key.

The 5 Major Pentatonic Scale Shapes – Positions

There was an error submitting your subscription. The diagram below shows an Fm7 chord with an F Minor Pentatonic next to it. Every note is a chord tone except for the Bb, which still sounds good or consonant over the Fm7 chord. Then begin looking for opportunities to use the other applications, and mix it up with other scale or arpeggio patterns you may be practicing. If you’d like to see the F Phrygian diagram, click here.


This is a consideration which can contribute to the success of your business. Pentatonic Scale Patterns – Box 2. Starting on the 5th Suspended Chords: Except they CAN be construed as the same in some ways.

The 5 Pentatonic Scale Shapes – Guitar Lesson

We have the classic tape, there iis the self-adhesive backed photo corner, dry picture mounting technique, wet mounting method and spray mounting technique. If you were to keep working around the Circle of Fifths, you’ll have trouble finding usable chords or applications.

This website contains links to product offers for which I am paid if you purchase the product. I highly recommend that you check out my 12 bar blues lesson to start improvising.

Pentatonic Scales

However, I believe that Chris refers to patterns on the neck of the guitar. Return home – from Beginner Guitar Scales. The major pentatonic really is great for happier sounding tunes. Starting on the major 7th Introduce these into your playing one at a time. It creates a more happy and uplifting sound. Minor Pentatonic Patterns on the Guitar On the guitar, there are five common scale patterns for pentatonic scales, commonly called box positions ie. It is 3 frets or semitones down from C. This will give each scale shape a minor feel.

Learn more in my blues scale lesson. I’ve been focusing on this for a week bo and I finally understand the relation between the minor and major pentatonic scales.


This diagram also shows the F Dorian mode, which you can compare to the Aeolian above, and the corresponding box positions. Below that are the five box positions.

Following on from your above explanation of the filled in dots being the root notes; if you look at several of the box samples e. Why complicate your pentatonichd Aeolian is the sixth mode of a major scale, boxx there are two other minor modes within a major scale: Your comment help me and explains it very well!

This is one of the reasons I think calling the position 1 pentatonic scale box “minor” and position 2 “major” makes no sense: This lesson shows you some Legato Sequences using hammer-ons and flick-offs that will help you make fast flowing lines with your pentatonics.

Jam until it feels like second nature.

Some say you can do the same pattern as a minor scale but three notes up the fretboard and some that you must change pattern to do the major pentatonic scale in the same key?