BOWA ARC – the new generation of electrosurgical devices for monopolar and bipolar electrosurgery with sealing technology. It supports every surgical. ARC User Interface Bowa electronic GmbH. Electrosurgical units are used in laparoscopic surgery or open surgery to cut as a knife or coagulate bleeding. Descubra a nova geração de unidades de eletrocirurgia com o ARC A verdadeira paixão e o máximo desempenho. Contate a Bacelar para mais.

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The benefit of this is that the touchpad technology eliminates joints and grooves, thereby ensuring fast, hygienic cleaning in the OR. Passion is nothing — without the right technology Excellent results depend on the right technology. A logically-constructed user interface The large, high-definition display is divided into four quadrants that correspond to the four sockets on the sides: Select the pre-configured indication-orientated standard values or create your own individual preferred settings for your field and work style.


Touchpad technology allows enhanced intuition in the OR With the ARC you have fingertip control of all device functions via the interactive touchpad, using clearly designed symbols. More than an interface: Effects, favorites, and individualised settings can be easily and clearly selected. The ARC communicates zrc with other system components and software is updated simply via USB and several standard connections, ensuring that you can also work efficiently in the future.

In addition to the innovative socket design that allows up to two monopolar and three bipolar instruments to be attached simultaneously and is compatible with all popular standard connections, there are numerous hardware and software components that can also directly affect performance in the OR. Personalised configuration Every field has specific requirements, every team works differently and every procedure is individual.

If you adjust the desired effect to your individual requirements, the preview changes.

As shown in the graph, there are massive cost benefits over single use instruments, even after only 50 procedures. Smart — and hygienic — display The ARC display is made of flat, wipe-resistant, shatter- and scratch-proof safety glass.


Design Office for medical design | Held + Team | ARC User Interface

Toggle panel Social icons. The introductory film can be played directly on the device. When adjustments are qrc to the display, the corresponding instrument socket flashes, offering just the right support in the darkened environment in the OR. Intuitive handling Attain real performance by working intuitively. Menu depth is generally limited to only two levels, because you want to be working, not searching.

These clear graphic symbols have a preview mode. The interactive fingertip operation of the touchscreen and clear relationship between the controller and instrument give users a complete overview — in every situation.