Pág. , En: Bovinocultura de Corte. Alexandre Vaz Pires(1º edição), FEALQ- Piracicaba-SP, Brasil. FLAMENBAUM I, GALON N. Management of. Eficiencia da vaca de cria. In: Alexandre Vaz Pires. (Org.). Bovinocultura de Corte . Piracicaba- SP: FEALQ, , v. 1, p. Bovinocultura de Corte. 1ed. Eler, J.P.; Ferraz, J.B.S.; Teixeira, L.A. Seleção para precocidade sexual em novilhas de corte. In Bovinocultura de Corte, (Alexandre Vaz Pires, Editor). v II.

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The southern cattle tickRhipicephalus Boophilus microplus, is an economically important pest costing animal agriculture billions of dollars worldwide. It is hypothesized that body size is related to diapausing intensity in this species.

In Brazil, in addition to Rhipicephalus sanguineus, Amblyomma ovale, Amblyomma cajennense, and Rhipicephalus Boophilus microplus have been suggested to act as vectors. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. A pyrethroid insecticide, cypermethrin, which is widely used for tick control was tested against soft ticks. A total of 31 adults was collected from the dog and dissected on the third day after natural detachment. Genetics and Molecular Research, v. Zebu cattle had the predominance of animals from the batches with zebu phenotypic characteristics, hump, short and fine hair, dark skin, a head shaped like a coffin, medium to long ears, straight chamfer, black and dilated nose, either the presence or the absence of horns, and a large dewlap starting below the jaw and ending at the navel.

Acetylcholinesterase of Rhipicephalus Boophilus microplus and Phlebotomus papatasi: The presence of H. Full Text Available The objective of this work was to study the reproductive behavior of two strains of R. Inhibition of the recombinant cattle tick Rhipicephalus Boophilus annulatus glutathione S-transferase. Ticks were identified depending on their morphological features using classical keys then grouped into pools.


In the phylogenetic tree, Babesia sp. Effects of maternal nutrition on fetal and neonatal reproductive development and function.

Seleção: Princípios básicos e aplicação no melhoramento animal

Other tick species were less common, generally restricted to certain host taxa. Together, these factors induce the production of carcasses of better quality, better reproductive rates, and better productive responses, with consequent economic gains 3. The distribution and ecological preferences of ticks of domestic animals in North of Iran were studied four times a year from to Some tick genes were identified which had close orthologues to mammalian genes. Extratos de plantas no controle de Rhipicephalus Boophilus microplus Canestrini, Acari: In vitro activity of pineapple extracts Ananas comosus, Bromeliaceae on Rhipicephalus Boophilus microplus Acari: The amount of eggs produced varied from 0.

Myrtaceae iamb, leaves of Cymbopogon citratus DC. Introduction to Genetic Statistics.

Bovinocultura de Corte – 2 Volumes: Alexandre Vaz Pires: : Books

The results showed that fresh and dry A. The degree of infestation in the region was 3. In each farm engorged female ticks and information about the acaricids management were collected.

The identification of pigeon ticks as a trigger of anaphylaxis would greatly improve medical care cprte advice Spatial models projected onto climate data representative of climate in reproduced historical pre-eradication tick distributions.

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Risk factors related to resistance to Rhipicephalus Boophilus microplus and weight gain of heifers. The total number of genera identified by tick sample comprised: Additionally, Francisella bacteria identified in Bovinochltura.

Physiological maturity, fatness score, and genetic group are factors responsible for losses by bruises and final pH value in cattle carcasses. Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia. The products were obtained through the camphor and isopinocamphone clorosulfonation. The present results suggest a possible role of Bmcystatin in the ovary, even though the gene was cloned from the fat body, which could be another site of this protein synthesis.


The higher number of animals with adequate fatness moderate can be explained in part by the larger number of carcasses evaluated, as they are the objective of industrial purchase In an eradication effort was started and by Boophilus ticks had been confined to a narrow tick eradication quarantine area TEQA along the Texas-Mexico border.

One of the pioneer studies in Saudi Bovinocultufa. Full Text Available Abstract Background Hemoglobin is a rich source of biologically active peptides, some of which are potent antimicrobials hemocidins.

Older animals were expected to show higher pH values, since they are usually more reactive than younger animals, depleting their muscle glycogen reserves faster.

Spray products belonging to the main classes of acaricides, including combination formulations, were used in both types of test.

Marked effects on these parameters were also observed in adult ticks as a result from vaccination using Trp64, but these were not statistically significant. Alexandr study aimed to know the status of cattle tick resistance to acaricides in the state of Cirte Grosso do Sul.

Many studies have reported a greater incidence of injuries in females compared with males. Journal of Dairy Science After 52 collections, ticks were obtained, from which were collected from calves and from cows. New York, Wiley,