Condenado a la seriedad y a la impostura, Julio, el silencioso protagonista de Bonsái – la novela que supuso el brillante debut narrativo de Alejandro Zambra– . Eso es lo que ha hecho Alejandro Zambra en este libro que, del mismo modo que un bonsái no es un árbol, más que una novela corta o un relato largo es una . Zambra’s first novel, Bonsái, attracted much attention in Chile and appeared in the Spanish Editorial Anagrama, which was awarded the.

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Alejandro Zambra – Wikipedia

She said that, and Julio was present when she said it: View all 7 comments. Bonsai begins with what slejandro as the beginning of a framed bonsau leaves no doubt where the story will go, only how it will get there. Alla fine Emilia muore e Julio non muore.

View all 8 comments. Writing is like caring for a bonsai, thinks Julio. So I had to re-set the scene and reread the book.

Arrest us in the powerful aura of words? Zambra accomplishes in 86 pages what other writers take hundreds of pages to accomplish. Was it a very bad year? It seems a simple plot but the message wants to be deeper.

There is a sweet simplicity and breathless fluidity to this tiny novel. The normal dawn chorus had been replaced bya cacophony of jays and crows.

Alejandro Zambra

The author tried to do something interesting, bonnsai and fresh using a conversational, detached tone. Don’t get me wrong Nevertheless, in spite of its brevity, it runs the gamut of your average novel of saywords in its intensity, soul and concentrated structure. Disse isso, e Julio, estava presente quando disse: As What does a resonating journal aeljandro Purpose, uniting all other purposes: Alejandro Zambra is a Chilean writer.


Dec 03, s.

Do yourself a nkvela, read them both. Si rimane davvero affamati alla fine della lettura: Zambra pulls you into the A book that reads like a quote on life.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I looked again at this short story and the scales fell from my eyes and I could finally understand this sparkling diamond of a book. It was the following sentence that was the reason: The rest is literature. The dictatorship tried to impose all of those stupid discourses, and those discourses erased us. Followed on the next page with the passage: I don’t get it!! So, a long-winded approach to a review of Bonsai.

However, the story itself is a series of containers. Where was my beautiful and normal dawn chorus? I think that their relationship should have stopped here whilst it was still on a high here but then Proust raises his ugly head and then deception enters with a vengeance.

What I did not miss is how uninteresting the reading experience was and if there was a deeper meaning then I could not care less. A novella about literature, love of literature and the impending doom of seriousness. When Julio fell in love with Emilia all the pleasure and suffering previous to the pleasure and suffering that Emilia brought him turned into simple alwjandro of true pleasure and suffering.


Caring for a bonsai is like writing, thinks Julio. But I am certain that this book would be on my mind for a long, long time. Read it and tell me what you think!! Jorge Luis Borges advises us to write a story as if writing a summary bomsai an already writen novel.

I have been staring at the screen for the last one hour and the only thing I can think of is how incredibly aroused I am. Un saludo a Cristian Gazmuri Going against the grain.

I can only recommend this to anyone. View all 3 comments.

Because of this, I was not in the right frame of mind and also troubled with my own interpretation of the book. Alejandro Zambra Alejandro Zambra is a Chilean writer.

El libro parte contando el final. I was impelled to determine if so bold an opening was foolish or brilliant. Is it an irony that when I begun writing this review, the cafe was playing this track and now, I am hearing this track?

Want to Read Currently Noveoa Read. This is what Alejandro Zambra has done in this book, which, in the same way that a bonsai is not a tree, is neither a short-novel nor a long-story: