Water Tank Cap for use with AOS, AOS, AOS, AOS, AOS- , AOS, AOS, AOS U, AOS U, AOS U, and AOS. Ultraheli õhuniisuti Boneco Email. Hingamisteede haigusi vähendav efekt ( ka raviks) Kuiva naha raviks. Kasulik immuunsussüsteemile. Tolm ei lenda. Cleaning Brush for BONECO U/U/////// / Item # This Cleaning Brush is designed specifically for cleaning.

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Ultrasonic humidifier of Boneco — the device with a mechanical control equipped with the stepless regulator of power function of long activity is provided. It is created for those who care about health of the relatives and prefer the true Swiss quality, faultless reliability and elegant design. The steam veil created by work of ultrasonic humidifiers for many is priority criterion at the choice of a humidifier of this type. The working humidifier creates feeling that you are near falls in a rainforest.

The microclimate of premises should be supported in the parameters as close as possible to a healthy and clear atmosphere. Boneco will adjust the level of relative humidity indoors. It will provide free and easy breath for all members of your family. Boneco is widely used in rooms where there are antiques, musical instruments or just usual parquet.


Dry air is dangerous that insufficient humidity of air often leads to emergence of cracks on the parquet and bonco made of a tree.

Maintenance of the correct humidity in the house helps to avoid a rassykhaniye of wood and its consequences.

Exotic plants are very whimsical and demand to themselves the special relation. In particular, it concerns humidity of air, optimum for their habitat. In that case the Boneco device will help to create the natural level of humidity.

Air humidifiers : Ultraheli õhuniisuti Boneco

Ultrasonic humidifiers are the most hi-tech devices. In their work the interesting physical effect is used: Via the working camera of the device the fan banishes air. Thus, the device generates a cloud of “fog”. The ultrasonic humidifier of Boneco has rather big productivity — to gr.

When in the device water reaches a limit, the sound signal reminding that it is time to fill in water is distributed. We created a Personal Account for 71311 to make the process of buying faster and easier in the future. To activate, use the link in the E-mail that we have sent to you.


Boneco humidifier In stock. Ukraine, Kiev View map. The ultrasonic humidifier of Boneco represents new development in the field of air moistening, are economic from the point of view of an electric power expense, work with low noise level. Besides, they are equipped with the built-in hygrostat, that is the device allowing to support the set humidity level indoors.

Principle of work Ultrasonic humidifiers are the most hi-tech devices.

Calaméo – Увлажнитель Boneco , ультразвуковой (инструкция)

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