Bogusław Fiedor • Prof. Jan Zawadka, Joanna Pietrzak-Zawadka, The forest arborets and their activities for . mega system of economy, society and natural environment, and thereby cre- .. ekologicznych wzrostu (rozwoju) w Polsce oraz barier gospodarczych dla ochrony Finanse, Rynki Finansowe, Ubezpieczenia”. System finansowy w Polsce, t. I i II. Bogusław Pietrzak, Zbigniew Polański, Barbara Woźniak (red.). Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Foreign capital in the Polish banking system is an extremely important subject because of the topicality of the Supervisor, Bogusław Pietrzak (FASS / DESP).

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The distinction relates to the degree of statistical independence among voters.

In this study we investigate the impact of the rotation system on the effectiveness of monetary policy, both for the euro area as a whole and polse member states. How do the Maastricht convergence criteria modify the optimal monetary policy in an economy that faces domestic and external shocks?

Firstly, it has been argued that the new framework does not provide conditions for an efficient decision-making as the number of governors participating in a discussion on interest-rate decisions will be growing with new countries joining the euro area. On the other hand, if the quarterly CPI in ation satis es the criterion, the original criterion is also satis ed. Theory and Evidence, Princeton University Press.

Ryzyko stopy procentowej

If degree of exchange rate pass through is high, then higher openness enables all the regimes to meet 9 We can list the following empirical studies that analyze CPI in ation and real exchange rate developments in the EMU accession countries: The analysis is based on the outcomes of simulations, in which we allow for, inter alia, different frequency of rotations, hetereogeneity of economic developments in the euro area members and a different degree of home bias in the voting behavior of the Governing Council members.


The same production structure is present, among others, in the two country model of Liu and Pappa and the currency area model of Altissimo et al Comparison of the S-S and B-z indices also focuses on the probabilistic assumptions underlying those measures.

Moreover, we extend the analysis by allowing for the existence of precoalitions between the Governing Council member states. Constant weights solve the problem of rotation in the GC, including the Board, and roughly represent a country s presence in the voting body in the long term. Results discussed in this section are based on scenarios with a six-month rotation frequency. The authors nd that the nontraded sector proxied as the service sector contributes the most to price dispersion among member countries.

Not surprisingly, variances of the CPI in ation rate and the nominal interest rate are smaller than under the optimal policy. On the basis of these inter-temporal voting shares, the power indices are subsequently calculated.

Planowanie doświadczeń w technice – Zbigniew Polański • BookLikes

In our framework, it is more convenient to index over voters countries of origin rather than voters themselves, so let us rewrite 17 equivalently as: Strengthening of the Board position is, however, much lower if we allow for the possibility of forming coalitions within the ECB Governing Council. Using a DSGE model with nominal rigidities and imperfect credibility, Ravenna nds systm the gain from a credible adoption of the xed regime towards the euro can outweigh the loss of resignation from the independent monetary policy.

Thirdly, the rotation model is said to create a notion of a two or three-tier Europe Friedrich,cultivate thinking in national categories and re-nationalize European monetary policy Belke, by conditioning the composition of rotation groups on the basis of the relative size of respective countries.

On the other hand, the linear quadratic approach has two important advantages that make us decide to reformulate the criteria. A theory of optimum currency areas, American Finansowh Review, W nawiasach prezentujemy statystyki t.

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The sustem section introduces the model and derives the small open economy dynamics. The second approach that we adopt consists in imposing the proximity structure on the analyzed set of voters and then computing power indices for the GC members. The parameters of the shocks are chosen to match the historical moments of the variables.


We extend this model by incorporating two domestic sectors, i. The GC decided upon the proposal of the voting modalities adjustment and submitted its recommendation to the Council on 3 February, The recommendation was subsequently adopted by the meeting in the composition of heads of states and governments of EU member countries on March 21, The amended article Ograniczenia w wolnej konkurencji The authors are grateful to Karolina Konopczak and Adam Kot, whose involvement was critical to the successful completion of this study, and to Marcin Zystem for valuable suggestions and discussions.

Projekty badawcze Część IX

First, we derive the micro founded loss function that represents the objective function of the optimal monetary policy not constrained to satisfy the criteria. The Statute on the ESCB and the ECB henceforth the Statute envisages that the Governing Council formulates monetary policy of the Eurosystem, including decisions relating to the intermediate monetary objectives and key interest rates.

In particular, only the work by Ullrich provides for the possibility of regional bias among the Board members. The elasticity of substitution between di erentiated goods, is equal to 10, which together with the revenue tax of implies a markup of The share of nontradable consumption in the aggregate consumption basket, is assumed to be 0.

These values are somewhat higher than the values reported in the micro and macro studies for the euro area countries.