In Goliath, New York Times bestselling author Max Blumenthal takes us on a journey through the badlands and high roads of Israel-Palestine, painting a startling. Writing at the Atlantic, Fallows described Blumenthal’s Goliath as a book that “ should be discussed and read” and dismissed criticism of Goliath. Blumenthal’s “Goliath” holds mirror to Israeli society. Rod Such The Electronic Intifada 4 November Cover of Goliath by Max Blumenthal. A specter is.

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During Hitler’s reign, the same twisted racist morality was placed in the service of dreams of a “Juden-free Germany,” ruled by a pure Ayran race. One must always continue to ask why the powerful organizations, unions, church groups, academics ,governments etc advocate a boycott of Israel and only Israel, while not advocating any boycott or censure of States that do enrage in genocide or severe repression and persecution like China, North Korea, Zimbabwe,Syria Iran or Sudan.

Dec 25, Murtaza rated it really liked it. Dec 07, Joseph rated it it was amazing. Please try again later.

Max Blumenthal – Wikipedia

I do wish there was a bit more skepticism about th What a truly engrossing read. Nov 05, Robert rated it it was amazing. The author goes to great lengths in documenting the excesses of the Jews over the years. At the Dolphinarium Disco on June 1,21 Israeli teenagers were killed and wounded, many maimed for life, after a suicide bomber blew himself up in their midst Hamas claimed responsibility and celebrated the attack.

The principal thesis is that the Israelis displaced the Palestinian people, took most of their land, keep taking their land in the name of Israeli security, and have carried out their policies with substantial brutality. In GoliathNew York Times bestselling author Max Blumenthal takes us on a journey through the badlands and high roads of Israel-Palestine, painting a startling portrait of Israeli society under the siege of bluumenthal authoritarian politics as the glumenthal of the Palestinians deepens.

He focuses on the deepening crisis in the Middle East and its role in shaping political dynamics and public opinion in blujenthal US, particularly the special relationship with Israel. However, lbumenthal this troubled land, that enemy has been embraced with open arms and panicked heart, a slap in the face to all Holocaust victims and survivors, Jewish or otherwise, alike.

Even worse, Israel was founded as a settler colonial project in a region which understandably has never accepted it and which it remains constantly in conflict with. Israel needs to find a way to live with its neighbors and I might add that its neighbors also need to find a way to live go,iath Israel ; this is a vital book for lbumenthal interested in the subject – and wondering why America is increasingly consumed with hate itself.


Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel

Please help to create a more balanced presentation. He speaks the truth, that’s all you need to know.

That same year, two boys, four- and five-years old, Matan and Noam Ohayon where shot dead together with their mother as she read them a bedtime story, ggoliath a kibbutz, by Arab terrorists. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. In the summer of pregnant Jewish women Tali Hatuel and her four terrified little daughters were executed at point blank range by terrorists of blumenthall Popular Resistance Committees, one after the other after Tali’s car had been spun off the road by gunfire.

Some of the stories are so stunning as to make me think of blumehthal Indonesian public in The Act of Killing: Support of Israel is widely accepted as an unquestioned imperative by Americans and American politicians of both parties. View all 6 comments.

Max is clearly a universalist, as are most Palestinians. Blumenthal contributes weekly articles to Alternet where blumemthal has been a senior writer since September This book rips through the veneer of propaganda in Israel and reveals the Jim Crow like racism at the core of the Zionist ideology.

Sign up for our newsletter. Enabled Amazon Best Sellers Rank: He focuses on the crisis in the Middle East and its role in shaping political dynamics and public opinion in the US, particularly the special relationship with Israel.

When as a culture you are losing the ability to think independently, consider diverse points of view, and consider the situations of people different from yourself with sympathy, your culture is in decline. On December 25,the day the film American Sniper depicting Chris Kyle ‘s tours of duty in Iraq was released, [85] Blumenthal tweeted to goliarh followers on Twitter: Ruin and Resistance in Gaza.

Thinking about this, and some of the later chapters where author Blumenthal discusses how the Israelies ruthlessly brainwash blumenhtal own people in the media, I began to wonder how non-biased these works are, and their value in shaping the American public opinion.

As he tells it Israel is becoming an increasingly racist and militarized state, intolerant o In this book Blumenthal makes what seems to be a pretty compelling case that Israel is descending or has already descended into a form of fascism, driven in part by the occupation of the West Bank but also as a natural result of the states’ founding ideology.

Their features reflected a lineage drawn directly from the Crusaders, offering a reminder of the many invaders and occupiers whose blood became intertwined with the heritage of Palestine.


I had to take several breaks of a few days, since the book is so unremittently bleak. Ali Abunimah wrote that an investigation by Blumenthal led him to uncover a “smear campaign against him and Sheen — and more importantly the effort to prevent discussion about Israel’s crimes in Gaza — was the product of the anti-Palestinian network funded by American billionaire Sheldon Adelson. Some prominent Muslims have disputed this allegation.

Starting from the Israeli slaughter of Palestinians in Operation cast Lead in December of to the present Blumenthal meticulously documents the progression of both the government of Israel and the greater public are moving towards a completely fascist state.

Blmenthal to Read Currently Reading Read. Feb 10, Adam Heffelfinger rated it really liked it. Jews have every right to live in Palestine, they do not have the right to it exclusively. All the better to keep hidden from outsiders, the racial realities on the ground in Israel. I truly believe that Israel needs to be the target of the next global movement that helped put an end to apartheid South Africa.

Towards the end of the book, Blumenthal discusses the wall mentality—the security wall, the Gaza walls, the walls of the Sinai, the new walls along the Jordanian border and with Syria. Goliath stands out because it cuts through so much of this hasbara spin and shows a Western audience what public life in the region looks like.

Should the response to the Holocaust be “never again, for us,” or “never again, for anyone”? In particular, he wisely showcases a primary source from an Israeli teachers’ association expressing the widespread boumenthal ideas among their students and worse still, the difficulty they are experiencing in opening their students’ minds to different perspectives on such politically charged topics.

This book tells us that golath most famous outcome in the bible, the tale of David slaying Goliath, is now being yoliath.

Life and Loathing in Greater Israel: A Review of Max Blumenthal’s ‘Goliath’

It’s difficult to conclude much without vastly over-simplifying something. This is primarily a collection of short “‘stories” — Blumenthal’s impressions and experiences as he travels around Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, talking to right-wing politicians, settlers and other crazies as well as brave leftist Israelis who fight back alongside Palestinians. The enemies of Israel want the physical elimination of the Jewish people from the Land of Israel.

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