The book “Blood and Tears” by Qutubuddin Aziz is a must read for all Pakistanis. Urdu” So ‘we ‘were knO”W’D as BillariS’~ A.t schcol, I studied through, the. Transition: Ex-diplomat Qutubuddin Aziz passes away stalwart Qutubuddin Aziz died of cardiac arrest on Saturday night. stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh I found his book Blood and Tears. It was the only account I could find on the suffering of the Urdu-speaking (Biharis) in East Pakistan Blood and Tears by Qutubuddin Aziz – Why did we lose East Pakistan? . I heard the screams of an Urdu-speaking girl who was being.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. A team of four reporters, commissioned for interviewing the witnesses from all these 55 towns and cities of East Pakistan, worked with intense devotion to secure anf testimony. Yahya could be forced to bow down to the wishes of Pakistan politicians led by ZAB.

Read and hear Qur’an online Read and hear Qur’an recitation online High quality recitations of the Quran. This website confirms what we told you. Instead, Ayub Khan took it near to his village and would settle for nothing short of an artchitect-designed brand new capital built at a cost.

Why we made Pakistan? For a perspective, rea Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. The atrocities inflicted upon the Biharis by Mukti Bahini often in the name of Pakistan Army is a matter of record.

The uniformed killer puffing the cigarette to singe the eyes of the terrified prey. I have incorporated in this book the acts qutubuddni heroism and courage of those brave and patriotic Bengalis who sheltered and protected, at great peril to themselves, their terror-stricken non-Bengali friends and neighbours.

The fall of Dacca

A copy of the ads and the forms used for soliciting testimony from the victims. Many witnesses have opined that the federal Government acted a bit too late against the insurgents. The collection and compilation of these eye-witness accounts was started in January and completed in twelve weeks.

After they had ravished the girls, the killers shot them and half a dozen other women and children. I had identified, after some considerable research, 55 towns and cities in East Pakistan where the abridgement of the non-Bengali population in March and early April was conspicuously heavy.



On March 21, our Dacca-bound bus was stopped on the way, soon after it left the heart of the city. Since that dreadful day she has been mentally ill.

Repatriated to Karachi in NovemberGulzar Hussain reported: Although they hail from 55 towns of the former East Pakistan, their narratives and the published dispatches of the foreign newsmen quoted in this book, cover places where the slaughter of the innocents took place.

When we say that we must crush the Khawarij NOW, we say that for a reason which these blind politicians cannot see. In Burma, massacre of Muslims is being done ruthlessly and the world is silent.

Follow this blog by Email. Thousands of dead bodies were flung into the Karnaphuli river and the Bay of Bengal. Quaid e Azam created a department of Islamic Reconstruction in to create an Islamic state in Pakistan. A rebel soldier lifts his boot to strike a bleeding bayoneted boy who showed signs of life. The terrorists of Lal Masjid, media propaganda and Army Operation! For the first time in history, these rare epic papers by our founding fathers – Quaid, Allama Iqbal, Liaqat Ali Khan, Muhemmed Asad — have been collected and compiled.

He was a courageous Youngman and he resisted the attackers. Bengali language activists and the progressive political forces remained vigilant against anti-Bengali political elite of the central government and pro-Urdu provincial government.

Khan, December 6, The killers were heartless and I learnt that they murdered my husband. With majority population, Bengalese wanted the capital to be in East Pakistan. The sheaves of eye-witness accounts, documented in this book, prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the massacre of West Pakistanis, Biharis and other non-Bengalis in East Pakistan had begun long before the Pakistan Army took punitive action against the rebels late in the night of March 25, Advanced embedding details, examples, and help!

A jingo barked out the order that Bengalis and non-Bengalis should fall into separate lines.

By then Phase 1 of the operation was already complete. Here are the details. Subsequently, we were taken to a Relief Camp by the Red Cross. Visiting briefly the genocide, facts are well detailed in a book Blood and Tears Published by historian Qutubuddin Aziz. After five azoz, they returned and ordered me and my children to vacate the house as they claimed that it was now their property. The killers raped their non-Bengali teenage victim at the back of the shop and later yb slayed her.


The majority of eye-witnesses consist of parents who saw their children slain, the wives who were forced by the rebels to witness murder of their husbands, the girls who were ravished and the rare escapees from the rebel operated human slaughter-houses. Surprisingly, the article says not a word about the dislike and mistreatment of Bengalese by Ayub Khan and of the Urdu-speaking people who formed bulk of the civil service in early days which forced Bengalese to go their separate ways instead of staying with Pakistan for which they had opted of their own free will, and which means that they did not start with bad feelings for West Pakistanis.

My Op-Ed December 17, Fall of East Pakistan.

BLOOD AND TEARS : Qutubuddin Aziz : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

While the focus in Blood and Tears is on the rebel atrocities it also highlights the courage and heroism of many Bengalees who saved their non-Bengalee friends from the fire and fury of the bloodthirsty insurgents. Dead bodies of Bihari and Bengali victims lie strewn over the execution ground as Mukti-Bahini killers and their accomplices watch the butchery with sadist pleasure.

Four of the gunmen took for their loot two young non-Bengali women and raped them inside the empty bus.

The exploitative, interest based, Banking system based on paper currency is now crashing. He appointed the German convert Muslims Muhemmed Asad as its director general. Lbood, we look back on this sad part of the history conveniently ignoring one important leaf of history. A look at history Lack of balance of policies for then West and East Pakistan, flawed socio-economic strategies, geographical distance between both the areas, and language controversy in Bangladesh imposing Urdu as a national language were all major contributing factors in the eventual dismemberment of now Dacca.