Find great deals for Blackmagic Design Teranex 2D Converter. The processor provides high-quality de-interlacing, up and down conversion, SD and HD cross . Teranex 2D and 3D Processors feature patented processing technology for the highest quality conversion between video standards, frame rates and resolutions. Several months ago, I set out to review the Teranex 2D, a media processor from Blackmagic Design that offers users myriad inputs and outputs.

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Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Editing can cause improper cadence Teranex Express automatically detects and corrects the cadence.

Teranex Standards Converters

With an elegant machined metal front panel, its compact 1RU size and built in international power supply, Teranex converters not only look great in your studio, but are also perfect for portable racks and outside broadcast vehicles. Noise Reduction Remove unwanted noise from transmission links, videotape, or even camera sources. I am not sure what the other post house was using, but I think it was a PHC or something like that.

We utilize the equipment in our satellite uplink trucks. The front panel is intuitive and no deep menu dives are necessary to get things going. Teranex’s high performance real time conversion combined with Thunderbolt technology delivers the perfect capture and playback solution.

Two of them are Media Express and UltraScope. Sony compatible RS deck control port Serial ports TxRx direction-reversible under software control. Great for low-budget projhects, but for broadcast scenarios aI need the Timecode to transfer nfrom source to destination. Teranex AV can also temporarily hold any current frame on the screen until you switch to another video output, a black frame, or the still store. It is possible to select analog composite output in HD mode but there will be no signal.

I cannot get all the resolution the camera is capable of in the converted picture. Ancillary Data Multi channel audio, timecode and subtitles Video includes a lot more than images and Teranex supports conversion of up to 16 audio channels plus timecode and closed caption VANC data.


That makes Teranex AV perfect for presenters wearing lavalier mics or using laptop computer audio because the audio can be embedded with the video on any output! Cadence Detect and Remove Teranex is unique because it can automatically remove cadence 3: Master Control Control your Teranex remotely! What makes Teranex so good is an advanced SIMD technology–developed and patented by Teranex–that allows instant calculations on thousands of pixels simultaneously in X, Y positions and between video blafkmagic.

Teranex converters are also compatible with Dolby encoded audio, so it never has to be decoded or re-encoded during up and down conversions.

That makes them the most future proof converters you can buy! That means you get improved image quality because the vertical resolution proessor maintained and source detail is preserved! Automated Live Sports Production and Streaming.

Teranex Standards Converters | Blackmagic Design

Using the Teranex 2D to just convert Alexia camera It really beats any software reranex solution I have used in the past. We were trying to convert You can convert and capture any blackagic format for editing with Final Cut Pro and more. Had to return the unit. Processing is applied within the frame and between frames all at the same time, delivering better de-interlacing, inter-frame interpolation and noise reduction. Timecode is almost impossible to pass through the Teranex, especially when using with Thunderbolt.

Streaming Media

UltraScope provides technically accurate waveform monitoring that’s perfect for mastering, editing and in any location where you use Teranex processing. For the money, this is a universal interface converter, test pattern generator, scaler and so much else. Overall, the processor features extremely high-quality de-interlacing, up and down conversion, SD and HD cross conversion, SD and HD standards conversion, automatic cadence detection and blxckmagic even with edited contentnoise reduction, adjustable scaling, aspect ratio conversion, and timecode conversion; and accompanying all the video conversion functionality is 16 channel audio conversion capacity.

Freeze Frame Hold any frame on screen until you’re ready to switch outputs! Adjustable Scaling Teranex includes fully adjustable scaling. The unit blackkmagic a nice menu structure to be able to adjust the settings. My only wish is that I could manually zoom in on footage when up converting so I can get rid of those black line on the top and side on old footage.


I would not consider this a design fault though. The low latency means people such as speakers, ministers or musicians can be projected onto screens in synchronization with the live event. Click the image to see it at full size. The SDI connections can transfer data at an amazing 12 gigabits per second, making them teranes enough to support Ultra HD 4K video at up to 60 frames per second.

I use the teranex to upres and clean up SD material for HD. Top 10 Most Popular Articles. They do care about making a positive impact on their clients. Move between video and film worlds with ease. The Blackmagic-Design Processor 2D Processor is an advanced-quality standards converter as well as video format converter and capture and playback device all-in-one.

Pixel for pixel HD resolution input to connected device. Also included is the proprietary Smart aspect that warps images from 4: Things that I discovered: Rated 2 out of 5 by Pasha from I discovered unpleasant surprises I see that all reviews here are great, but we had a processor experience with this unit.

No Longer Available Update Location close. Television standard sample rate procsesor 48 kHz and bit. Teranex 2D Processor is rated 4.

There is some amount of processing delay even if no scaling is processot used. Convert and Capture Teranex processors include a super fast 10 Gbps Thunderbolt port so you can connect it to your computer for capture and playback of video and audio. High Quality De-Interlace Teranex quality starts with one of the world’s highest quality and most precise de-interlacers.