This page explains how to deploy the BIRT viewer to a Java EE container. If you’ve changed anything, then copy the following URL into your browser and. If the problem is just get the right URL, this would be something like: The “run” method is one of the methods mapped in the BIRT Viewer Servlet. There are two . Also, use the features of the BIRT report viewer application in custom web applications. Settings for how to deal with the url report path.

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Determines if the report title is shown in the frameset viewer. Post as a guest Name. Rename the WebViewerExample directory to birt. How can I do this?

Look under viewwr birt-runtime- directory and locate the “WebViewerExample” directory. We’ll test the viewer further using one of the example reports created for the “Classic Models” database.

Sets the name of the report document file.

Specifies the default location to store report engine log files. Frameset is used by default.

Customizing the BIRT report viewer

The client did not accept the proposal of maintaining two web applications on their server: Relative paths below the working folder are accessible. Valid values are static, absolute, relative and fixed. Valid values are true or false.


When using the Viewer tag with the frameset pattern, this setting determines if the navigation bar is displayed. This setting will override the initial setting in the web.

Eclipse Community Forums: BIRT ยป birt-viewer url as report location

This attribute must be unique. These instructions assume you’ll install Tomcat on your own machine using the default port number of You can check the irl and all parameters that you can use in your report call in the same page I sent before: If isHostPage is true these values are ignored. Specifies the default location to store temporary images generated by the report engine. For ease of reference, rename the directory to “birt-viewer”.

If this is left blank the default value for the parameter is used. Specifies the instance id of the portion of the report to be displayed. If you’ve installed everything in its default location, then click on the following link.

This file contains various settings used by the viewer. The example viewer has a distinction between report parameters and viewer configuration parameters. Copy the Web Viewer Example directory to the webapps directory of your Ul installation. This setting can be an absolute path or relative to the working folder See web.


Integrate the BIRT Viewer with Java and Java EE web applications

Specifies whether to display the report in right to left format. If reportContainer is set to div, this setting is ignored and the parameter page is not displayed. Report Document must already exist. A famous thermoelectric power company in Italy required a custom web application to automate the collection and archiving of the production data and budget of its plants across various locations.

This setting will override the default setting in the web.

Viewer Usage

Indicates whether the default BIRT parameter page is used or a custom page. Display the Tomcat manager application to check that the viewer is deployed: Bitt the resource folder to use. For the custom web application, it was decided to use Struts2 framework.